Transworld Snowboarding - - MEN’S FREERIDE BOOTS -

The Guide has a lot go­ing on—lit­er­ally, in the form of laces, Boa, and a Vel­cro strap, but also in the sense of its ver­sa­til­ity. Its moniker hints at back­coun­try us­age, and it’s cer­tainly rugged enough to hold up in such a set­ting. But the snow­boarder who will ap­pre­ci­ate this boot is not lim­ited to any one cat­e­gory of rider; it’s one who seeks flex. The Guide is not stiff by any stretch of the imag­i­na­tion. In fact, rid­ers found it among the soft­est in the test. It’s the type that would well serve a freerider with ap­ti­tude for tweaks and surf-in­spired slashes.

RAD: A ver­sa­tile and flex­i­ble boot. BAD: Not for those seek­ing stiff­ness.

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