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Jonathan Ettman

Politic’s Florida-to-Col­orado trans­plant, Jonathan Ettman has a new part drop­ping this month on skate­board­ To give it some ref­er­ence and to re­veal some of Jonathan’s smooth-skat­ing se­crets, we caught up with him to find out why he still skates dead-stock Habi­tat kicks, what’s it’s like to have a pro model next to Re­naud and Pep­per, and more. Is this video part a tran­si­tion from win­ter to sum­mer or some­thing along those lines? Is there some kind of loose con­cept to it?

It nat­u­rally turned out that way. The idea was to show dif­fer­ent spots out­side of what peo­ple usu­ally see a city known for. Ev­ery town has their gems if you’re will­ing to look. I’d see spots to skate if I was hik­ing or ex­plor­ing a new place, and I’d just make it a point to go back. You can skate the ma­jor­ity of the year if you want to, and don’t mind the cold. The more we’d ex­plore new ar­eas, the more we found spots in small towns that are de­serted if it’s not the busy sea­son. Then it started to be­come a blend of the two ideas.

Is most of the part filmed in old Habi­tat shoes? Are you sit­ting on a stock­pile of those for some rea­son?

For days. Habi­tat hooked me up for years and were gen­er­ous when the shoes were hap­pen­ing. I got used to skat­ing the same shoe for­ever. Been skat­ing adi­das lately. Feels crazy skat­ing real shoes again.

You’ve got kind of a re­laxed 90s flow, who in­flu­enced you when you started skat­ing, and who in­flu­ences you now?

Jake Rupp and Tim O’Con­nor. They have a way of mak­ing it look ef­fort­less and im­pos­si­ble at the same time—one with the board. Made me re­al­ize there was a dif­fer­ent way to ap­proach it, not just about the best trick. I don’t watch much cur­rent skat­ing. Friends in­spire me more than any­thing lately. Trevor Thomp­son on WKND is killing it.

Where is this new part filmed? The spots are amaz­ing.

Mostly Col­orado, a lit­tle Mi­ami as well.

What are the ma­jor dif­fer­ences in Col­orado and Florida skat­ing?

Ac­tual sea­sons. You have to ad­just to the slower pace of win­ter in Col­orado, which I like. You can burn your­self out go­ing non-stop in Florida, where it’s sum­mer all year. How long have you been on Politic, and how did you get on the team?

I’ve been with Politic for a year or so. I was a part of The Va­ca­tion Skate­boards, un­til that dis­si­pated. Then Politic of­fered to help me find a spot.

How does it feel to have a pro model along­side so many East Coast/Florida le­gends (Pep­per, Quim, Caddo, Re­naud)?

It’s cool. They’ve all been a big in­flu­ence on my skat­ing. Re­naud in Mo­saic was the first part I ever saw. Ev­ery­one on Politic is unique in their own way, bring­ing their fla­vor to the mix. It ain’t what ya do, it’s how ya do it.

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