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2018 Damn Am Re­cap

It takes a rare and spe­cial type of skate­boarder to be mar­ketable while at the same time pos­sess­ing the skills to put it all to­gether in a con­test. The norm was al­ways the skater that ripped but couldn’t make more than one trick in a row, or that won ev­ery­thing but no­body cared about. But fol­low­ing the lead of let’s say Evan Smith, the skater that brings the hype while also be­ing able to land a bunch of tricks for the judges is be­com­ing the new nor­mal. Think Tyson Peter­son, Zion Wright, and Jamie Foy.

As skate­board­ing con­tin­ues its re­lent­less march for­ward, the Damn Am has be­come a breed­ing ground for the next gen­er­a­tion of your fa­vorites. With 18 years of his­tory, which in­cludes all of those skaters I just men­tioned, it’s be­come pretty ob­vi­ous that if you want to be a con­test killer, you should get your licks at some Damn Ams.

The 2018 Damn Am se­ries hit LA, Ja­pan, Barcelona, Chicago, and NY. The win­ners of each stop [Mau­rio Mc­Coy, Jorge Simões, Sora Shi­rai, Mar­cos Montoya, and Lucas Ra­belo] pre­qual­i­fied them­selves straight to the Tampa Am semi-fi­nals. Mau­rio Mc­Coy with the two best fin­ishes won Damn Am of the Year and did him­self the fa­vor of not hav­ing to skate again un­til the Tampa Am fi­nals. Yeah, Mau­rio!

But wins, pre­qual­i­fi­ca­tion, mar­ketabil­ity and all else aside, the Damn Am is just a rip­ping good time for ev­ery­one that comes out, whether in the con­test or not, and ev­ery stop is well worth the trip. Check Dam­ for the 2019 sched­ule and start mak­ing your plans. Bring your hype too.—PAUL

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