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90s Videos Clichés

With full ac­knowl­edge­ment on my part in beat­ing the 90s nos­tal­gia horse to a bloody pulp, I can’t help but feel that things are get­ting a lit­tle jum­bled up in our ap­pre­ci­a­tion of this highly ro­man­ti­cized era. In the face of full-length fea­ture films, ques­tion­able fash­ion choices re­vis­ited and more than a few head­scratcher #TBTs on the ol’ IG, I’m fear­ful that a few of our most beloved clichés from the late 80s/early 90s film canon are be­ing passed over in fa­vor of lesser hon­orees. Con­sider this list my last-ditch ef­fort at try­ing to re­vive these for­got­ten faves be­fore the in­evitable 90s back­lash hap­pens and ev­ery­one starts wear­ing hearta­grams again.

Shitty Footage

(Shackle Me Not, Use­less Wooden Toys, 1281)

When the only “filmers” were ei­ther Stacy Per­alta, your Dad or the homie’s turn, there’s some­thing to be said for the in­no­cence and naivete of poorly-filmed footy. Back in an era where style was the ex­cep­tion and a “land at any cost” ethos pre­vailed, it’s easy to see why any con­cepts sur­round­ing film­ing and pre­sen­ta­tion were al­ways an af­ter­thought. But while to­day’s hi-tech cam­eras (phones) are cool and all, it ad­mit­tedly gets a lit­tle bor­ing with per­fec­tion be­com­ing so stan­dard. Let’s make it in­ter­est­ing again... Give me some bad an­gles with a night­light and lens rings on a 12th-gen­er­a­tion VHS dub, just make sure the skat­ing bangs. Be­cause com­plain­ing about sub-par film­ing is so 21st cen­tury.

Un­cleared Mu­sic

(Ev­ery Video, pre-2000)

Sure, you’ll get sued. But with even the best of to­day’s skate cinema quickly dis­ap­pear­ing into the In­ter­net abyss, you might as well go out in style when the lawyers come a-knock­ing. 90s videos had Led Zeppelin, the Bea­tles, Me­tal­lica, the Beastie Boys… and that’s just Plan B! We’re talk­ing strictly hits! And when used ef­fec­tively, it can be ar­gued that a leg­endary skate video one-ups even the most thor­ough of record la­bel mar­ket­ing strate­gies. (see: Hiero­glyph­ics)

Skater-Made Sound­tracks

(Claus Grabke’s Eight Dayz in Wheels of Fire, Ron Allen, Ti­tus Skates Band, Tommy Guer­rero)

Even at its most un­lis­ten­able, skate rock in a video al­ways has a cer­tain charm. Be­cause it’s ours.

Tour Sec­tions

(Ban This, Hokus Pokus)

In the grand tra­di­tion of such mu­sic video mile­stones as Mot­ley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home” and Poi­son’s “Ev­ery Rose Has Its Thorn,” this was our ver­sion. Be­cause life on the road is hard… and in­her­ently awe­some. The recipe re­mains the same: sleep­ing in the van, late night hi-jinx, awe­some demo high­lights, prod­uct toss chaos, gas sta­tion food and some clips of dudes look­ing tired in slow-mo­tion for en­hanced drama. Sign me up. We all want to go on tour.

The Skate Camp Part

(Shackle Me Not, Hokus Pokus, Pro­pa­ganda)

Be it the su­per­sonic va­ri­ety or in lake­side slow-mo, you’ve never been more hyped on camp than when Hens­ley was there, rip­ping all the airs. Go ahead and stick your head in trash.

The “Shove-It Fol­lowed By An­other Shove-It” in the Mid­dle of a Line.

(Ev­ery Video, 1991)

Se­ri­ously, what was the point of this? Style points? Pad­ding for time? I’m still not en­tirely sure but ev­ery­one was do­ing it, my­self in­cluded. An en­tire gal­axy of flat­ground ma­neu­vers and some­how, the pre-pop dou­ble shove be­came a thing. But when done right, cagey vet­er­ans will gladly give this throw­back the nod over some bull­shit JNCOs.

The Un­nec­es­sar­ily Long Man­ual Clip

(Mike Val­lely in Rub­bish Heap, I fell asleep in the oth­ers)

Noth­ing grinds a video’s mo­men­tum to a screech­ing halt bet­ter than some guy rolling a wheelie for the en­tire length of a foot­ball field… ac­tu­ally, let’s lose this one.

Slam Sec­tions

(Wel­come to Hell, Ques­tion­able, Gonz’s opener in Video Days)

Be­cause skate­board­ing is hard and ev­ery­body eats shit, no mat­ter who you are. Slam mon­tages rep­re­sent the great equal­izer in skate­board­ing and are sorely missed. Noth­ing too scary, just a cou­ple quick sacks will suf­fice in hu­man­iz­ing these guys for us mere mor­tals. They’ll be bask­ing in glory soon enough, slam sec­tions be­long to the peo­ple.


(Godoy’s Back­side Ol­lie in Shackle Me Not, ev­ery clip filmed by Mike Ter­nasky)

When did ev­ery­body get so quiet? This ain’t some Bergman-es­que strug­gle in si­lence, make some god­damn noise out there. Af­ter all, if videos taught us any­thing over the years, it’s that noth­ing will ever top the sound of some­one scream­ing “Yeah” in slow-mo­tion. All hail the Omega Moo!

Self-Cel­e­bra­tory Roll-Aways

(All H-Street Videos, Ques­tion­able, Peter Smo­lik)

You’ve just spent count­less hours (days? weeks?) risk­ing life and limb to fi­nally roll away vic­to­ri­ous and now you want us to be­lieve that it’s no big deal? Cut the cool guy shit. Whether it’s your gar­den-va­ri­ety fists-in-the-air or some­thing a lit­tle more ex­trav­a­gant, there’s noth­ing wrong with show­ing a lit­tle stoke. It’s lit­er­ally what fu­els this en­tire en­ter­prise.


(Ja­son Lee, Sean Sh­ef­fey’s Ques­tion­able Rock Vibes, Jovon­tae Turner’s Now N Later Girls, Bren­nand Schoef­fel at Tex­aco in A Sol­dier’s Story)

Re­mem­ber when J. Lee fa­mously adlibbed about a war out­side of your win­dow? Or what about Ques­tion­able’s the­ory about Pat Duffy be­ing a Ter­mi­na­tor? How about Andy How­ell kick­ing off his Sky­pager part in a hot tub with noth­ing more than a babe and a beanie? Ev­ery frame sparkles be­cause the tal­ent never put their guards up. Videos weren’t so se­ri­ous back then, al­low­ing more space for per­son­al­i­ties to shine. Be­cause some­times it’s what you do off your board, go ahead and give the peo­ple a peek. Even if you come off corny, it’s still bet­ter than be­ing bor­ing. New jacks, these are ripe and ready for res­ur­rec­tion. Go ahead and act like you knew all along, this can be our lit­tle se­cret.

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