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It’s the first video in our vault where no man or woman stands alone. Work­ing to­gether, we caught up with the star-stud­ded cast to get the pros and cons of film­ing a shared part, their fa­vorite Transworld videos, their all-time per­sonal fa­vorite duets and more. Shar­ing is car­ing.

TWS video #30 is our first of­fi­cial re­lease com­prised en­tirely of shared parts. Since the dawn of the TWS video via Uno in 1996 (fa­mously con­tain­ing the Penny/Row­ley shared part)—videos like Feed­back (AVE/Dill, BA/ Staba, etc…), The Sixth Sense (Kalis/Ste­vie), or Sub­tleties (Biebel/Wen­ning) have cer­tainly con­tained mar­quis dou­bleteams—but duets is the first video in our vault where no man or woman stands alone. Shar­ing is car­ing. Work­ing to­gether, we checked in with each of the video’s dy­namic duos—a few days from dead­line, and about a month from the pre­miere in Novem­ber 2018. The fol­low­ing were the notes from each pair’s new song. Let’s duet.

How has it been film­ing this part Rob­bie?

It’s been pretty sick. I prob­a­bly should have taken it more se­ri­ously at the be­gin­ning. I didn’t re­ally know how big of a deal it was. Now, to­wards the end I’m like, “I gotta get some clips.”

How’s Ron­nie been do­ing?

Shit. Ron­nie has like two parts ready al­ready (laughs). I gotta catch up. He’s got amaz­ing footage. It’s se­ri­ously in­sane.

Ron­nie told me many times that you in­spired him to start skat­ing tran­si­tion se­ri­ously.

When he was young, he would skate out­side of Chan­nel Street in the park­ing lot. I used to just talk shit to him all the time. Like, “You’re a pussy. Get in here.” One day he showed up and just started rip­ping. Hard. I was trip­ping out like, “What the heck did he eat?” Some­times some friendly taunt­ing is key? That’s how I learned. The older guys would talk shit to me.

What video and what part first comes to mind when you think of TWS videos?

Tom Remil­lard’s part in Per­pet­ual Mo­tion (’13). That’s the only pre­miere I went to for like a big video part.

Fa­vorite shared part?

Ben Af­fleck and Matt Da­mon in Good Will Hunt­ing (’97).

Best real life duet?

June Carter & Johnny Cash, “Jack­son” (’67).

Fa­vorite TWS video? Per­pet­ual Mo­tion (’13).

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