Ti­ago Le­mos on Car­los Ribeiro:

Transworld Snowboarding - - VIDEO NO. 30—DUETS -

Are you done?

Yeah, I feel like I’m done. I’m hyped with it. It’s been a blast. I didn’t get to skate with Ti­ago a lot but we did a lit­tle trip to Barcelona and Lon­don and that was clutch. It was amaz­ing. We had a great time and filmed a bunch of clips that we were both stoked on.

It got a lit­tle more com­pli­cated with Ti­ago and the visa is­sue.

Yeah. Ex­actly. But he stayed in Barcelona so I flew over there to meet up with him there and then we stayed a week longer in Lon­don to have more time film­ing to­gether.

How has it been work­ing with Ti­ago?

I’ve known him since we were like 15/16 years old. He pro­gressed so much in such a short time. Of course that sur­prised not just me, but ev­ery­body else too. It’s sick to see his ap­proach and how he films stuff now. He used to just go and play around with it, but now he’s just like, “I wanna do this.” And he just goes and does it real quick. Most of the stuff he says he’s go­ing to do is mind­blow­ing. So when he tells you, you’re just like, “Holy shit.” Next thing you know it’s done. It was mo­ti­vat­ing for me too. Some­times I wouldn’t think of stuff and be chilling and he would be like “No. Dude. You should do this or that.” And next thing I know I’m skat­ing with him again.

What video and what part first comes to mind when you think of TWS videos?

In Bloom for sure. With P-Rod, Evan Her­nan­dez, Mikey Tay­lor etc… Then Janoski and also Brian Wen­ning and Bran­don Biebel in Sub­tleties.

Best shared part?

Javier Sarmiento & Erik J Pet­ters­son In STEE (’13).

Best real life duet?

Lau­ryn Hill and Nas “If I Ruled The World (Imag­ine That)” (’96).

Fa­vorite TWS video?

I think In Bloom is my fa­vorite, but Sub­tleties had the most af­fect on my life and skat­ing.

How was the ex­pe­ri­ence film­ing for this?

It was a dope ex­pe­ri­ence. Mostly be­cause I went to places that I haven’t been be­fore—like Lon­don and Paris. Then also be­cause Car­los and I go way back, but this is our first part to­gether. I’m very happy about it!

What video and what part first comes to mind when you think of TWS videos?

Mike Car­roll in Modus Operandi (’00), no doubt! Best real life duet?

Any­thing with Guru and Jeru The Da­maja.

Best shared part?

Keenan and Gino (Mouse [‘96]) all day!

Best TWS video?

The Rea­son (’99)—(Danny Mon) ‘Toya and Ste­vie (Wil­liams) in the same video? You can’t go wrong with that.

VIDEO No. 30 Car­los Ribeiro on Ti­ago Le­mos:

Ti­ago Le­mos, 360 flip. Lon­don, Eng­land. Photo: Paulo Macedo DUETS

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