Transworld Snowboarding - - THROUGH THE MADNESS -

MSRP $450 Lengths: 142cm

142 cen­time­ters seems short for a pow­der board. How could a deck of such stubby stature stay afloat in feet of fresh? But big­ger isn’t al­ways bet­ter, as is proven by the all-new fe­male-friendly Stick Shift from the Fam­ily Tree divi­sion. As soon as we set her up, this was con­firmed. Its surf-in­spired de­sign fea­tures a highly directional shape, scoopy nose, and ta­pered tail on a wide board that boasts a mid-range flex. Its Directional Flat Top pro­file and early rise in the nose al­lowed for a con­trolled feel with op­ti­mal float, com­ple­mented by a set­back stance. We found it highly play­ful, as it zipped in and out and trees with ease, while the large nose helped it float through the steep and deep with min­i­mal ef­fort. The tail, though tiny, acted as pow­er­ful rud­der that sunk into soft snow and al­lowed the wide nose to plane through pow. This deck had us to shift­ing into over­drive, con­firm­ing that we’ll take per­for­mance over size, any day.

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