Transworld Snowboarding - - THROUGH THE MADNESS -

MSRP: $520 Sizes: 173

We hes­i­tate to ad­mit it, but skiers might be onto some­thing. While our snow-slid­ing coun­ter­parts wear ex­tra cen­time­ters as some sort of merit badge, we, as snow­board­ers, of­ten seem scared of them. Length should be ac­knowl­edged for its ben­e­fits. There are cer­tain as­pects of snow­board­ing for which there is no sub­sti­tute for its prop­er­ties—namely, speed, float, and sta­bil­ity. Part of Ni­tro’s Quiver se­ries, de­signed around the idea that one snow­boarder can ben­e­fit from mul­ti­ple boards, the Can­non 173 is big. Its mas­sive swal­low­tail plays well in the pow with its hu­mon­gous nose. It can make large pil­low stacks feel like ca­sual en­deav­ors and glide-able paths out of flat sec­tions where other boards would bog. But the ar­gu­ment against length has al­ways re­garded ma­neu­ver­abil­ity as its counter. This is where the Can­non truly shines. Its 1.73 me­ters of mass turn shock­ingly quick and dart be­tween trees with ease. Part of this is due to its nar­row waist width and rel­a­tively soft flex, es­pe­cially in the nose. Though the Quiver, for most, isn’t an ev­ery­day snow­board, you may be sur­prised at the per­cent­age of days on which it is both a vi­able and wel­come op­tion—deep ones for cer­tain, but any­time when speed and sta­bil­ity are wel­come, the Can­non comes through.

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