Transworld Snowboarding - - THROUGH THE MADNESS -

MSRP: $600 Sizes: 159, 169

A true pow­der board, We­ston’s Japow is char­ac­ter­ized by a large nose and deep swal­low­tail, with 25 mil­lime­ters of ta­per be­tween the for­mer and lat­ter. Rid­ers found its mid-stiff flex floaty and re­spon­sive and its over­all de­meanor to ex­cel on elon­gated, swoop­ing turns. For most rid­ers, the Japow would find its place among a quiver, fill­ing the po­si­tion of a board bro­ken out when the snow stacks up and float is mo­ti­va­tor num­ber one. Though both its 159 and 169 length op­tions will ex­cel at high-speed slashes in wide-open ter­rain, the longer op­tion, which also has a mas­sive 27-cen­time­ter waist width, will be es­sen­tially un­sink­able, while the 159 pos­sesses a more ma­neu­ver­able per­son­al­ity. Its top­sheet tex­ture is both durable and sheds snow eas­ily, while the high-per­for­mance base holds wax well and, be­ing all black, is con­ducive to dis­crete re­pair jobs—be­cause we’ve all had the mis­for­tune of find­ing a rock lurk­ing be­low an oth­er­wise un­touched field of pow. Mild cam­ber in the cen­ter of the board blends to slight rocker in the nose and a flat sec­tion through the swal­low­tail. Good luck sink­ing this thing.

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