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Call me crazy, but I took a se­mes­ter off col­lege to peel stick­ers in the name of work­ing in “the in­dus­try.” Why? Be­cause snow­board­ing is the sin­gle great­est thing that ex­ists on this planet. It is for this rea­son that I have never once ques­tioned this de­ci­sion and, to be hon­est, would do much worse things than te­diously deal with sheets of vinyl if it meant an­other chance at look­ing into Travis Rice’s fiery eyes.

But I’ve got to say, lately I’m feel­ing con­fused. Af­ter two straight weeks of pick­ing up trash at in­dus­try events and premiere tours—a wel­comed break from deal­ing peel­ing vinyl—I re­lent­lessly over­heard In­dus­try higher-ups grum­bling about how snow­board­ing “used to be.” God­dammit, some of these peo­ple were flat out say­ing “snow­board­ing is dead.” Guys, don’t you see? The whole “it ain’t what it used to be” men­tal­ity is the very thing per­pet­u­at­ing that idea—that by act­ing like snow­board­ing is dy­ing, you are killing it. Last se­mes­ter, I wrote a pa­per for my psy­chol­ogy 101 class about the con­cept of man­i­fes­ta­tion. Ba­si­cally, if you worry about some­thing enough, it’s prob­a­bly go­ing to end up hap­pen­ing. Call me crazy, but if the peo­ple in po­si­tions of power in snow­board­ing act like snow­board­ing isn’t as cool a it used to be, what the heck do we think is go­ing to hap­pen? It’s go­ing to mag­i­cally get cooler on it’s own ac­cord? No. The only thing get­ting cooler on its own in this story is me, and that’s just be­cause I lit­er­ally own an ‘87 Honda Ac­cord, and they are fu­mi­gat­ing the of­fice, so I have to type this in my car. Shouldn’t have left my jacket in­side. If the cur­rent state of snow­board­ing is bum­ming you out so much, do some­thing about it, or do some­thing else. If you are read­ing this and think­ing to your­self, “I’m in a po­si­tion of power…” Be in­no­va­tive! Ex­cited! In­spir­ing! Iden­tify proudly as a snow­boarder as op­posed to some­one who would rather the world silently as­sume as a skater. Say it loud and say it proud. “I snow­board, and snow­board­ing is sick!”

It’s so sick, in fact, that it doesn’t even an­noy me that I need stop writ­ing this and go find some old sub­scrip­tion cards. You know the ones that fall out of the mag­a­zine that you use as crutch pa­per? I’ve started a small trash fire out­side my Honda, so I can feel my fingers again. But hey, I’m told I’m get­ting a free sea­son pass, so I’m not com­plain­ing.

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