Did Rus­sia In­flu­ence the U.S. Elec­tions?

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So, did Rus­sia in­flu­ence the U.S. elec­tions?

Cer­tainly it did, just as the United States in­flu­ences elec­tions in many other coun­tries.

Hil­lary Clin­ton posed a real and sig­nif­i­cant threat to Rus­sia so it mit­i­gated the threat by con­tribut­ing to Don­ald Trump's win. Why would Putin not or­der his peo­ple to pro­tect their coun­try from hos­tile forces?

How­ever, the con­tin­ued claim that Rus­sia in­flu­enced the U.S. Pres­i­den­tial elec­tion to in­stall Don­ald Trump by hack­ing com­put­ers and re­leas­ing emails is a red her­ring. The leaked emails con­tained noth­ing of sig­nif­i­cance and had lit­tle or no im­pact. It doesn't mat­ter if Rus­sia leaked them or some­one else did. They cer­tainly should have been leaked by some­one some­how, but they alone did not get Trump elected.

If Rus­sia, or any other so­phis­ti­cated ac­tor, wanted to in­flu­ence the elec­tion or change the vote, it would have had to do more than just leak some emails.

It is a well-known fact that Amer­ica's elec­tronic vot­ing ma­chines are not se­cure and can be hacked. There is lit­tle rea­son to be­lieve that the vot­ing ma­chines were not flip­ping votes and pro­duc­ing fraud­u­lent re­sults. Yet, this as­pect of vote rig­ging is not re­ally be­ing ex­plored. Less known is the vul­ner­a­bil­ity of the Amer­i­can peo­ple to elec­tronic mind con­trol through cell phone and Wifi net­works. This is not as nutty as it might first seem and there is am­ple proof of the con­cept and patents on the well-demon­strated tech­nol­ogy.

Cell phones and Wifi op­er­ate in the mi­crowave fre­quency band­width, which can eas­ily be used for mind con­trol be­cause the net­works are a mesh of en­ergy that per­mi­ates the brain and body and which can be used as a car­rier fre­quency to im­plant mes­sages in the brain. One merely has to mod­u­late the high mi­crowave fre­quency with a low fre­quency sig­nal that matches hu­man brain waves. This can be done by satel­lites, drones or ground-based sta­tions. The low fre­quen­cies can travel very long dis­tances and mod­u­late mi­crowaves over a wide area.

One can im­plant sounds, thoughts or feel­ings in this way.

Dur­ing one of Is­rael's pre­vi­ous at­tacks on Gaza a mes­sage was beamed through the wire­less net­works. Amer­i­cans, Cana­di­ans and pos­si­bly oth­ers were im­planted with the words "Is­rael is right, Is­rael is right." The mind con­trol op­er­a­tion was suc­cess­ful, and Is­rael's atroc­i­ties went largely un­chal­lenged.

Even less known, and harder to prove at this stage, is the fact that the cir­cuitry in smart­phones cre­ates a kind of quan­tum win­dow into the sub­con­scious of the phone's user. This di­rect ac­cess into the sub­con­scious could be used to in­flu­ence some­one or mon­i­tor their gen­eral state of mind. There is ac­tu­ally a com­pany that has been us­ing this tech­nol­ogy for sev­eral years, but it is not safe for this au­thor to re­veal the com­pany's name.

What is also cu­ri­ous is that Wik­ileaks and main­stream and pseudo-pro­gres­sive me­dia made such a big deal out of the re­lease of ho-hum and mean­ing­less emails when far more im­por­tant scan­dals were beg­ging to be no­ticed.

The whole non-event with the silly emails had the dis­tinct odor of a psy-op. The ques­tion is, who was re­ally be­hind it? We prob­a­bly don't even want to know be­cause then we would have to start ques­tion­ing a lot more things and maybe even start think­ing for our­selves.

Few Amer­i­cans want to join the tin-foil hat club by notic­ing that some con­spir­a­cies aren't just the­o­ries. It is eas­ier to just shake our fists at bad Rus­sia.

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