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Wel­come to the May is­sue of Tril­lions. One of our ma­jor top­ics this month is China and its rapid tran­si­tion into a world leader, as Amer­ica ac­cel­er­ates in its de­cline.

China mat­ters now more than ever be­fore and North Amer­i­cans need to un­der­stand China’s in­ten­tions and ca­pa­bil­i­ties to have a chance of pre­serv­ing what is great about their own coun­tries.

While Amer­ica fo­cuses on quar­terly prof­its and con­tin­ues to sac­ri­fice its fu­ture to en­rich a few oli­garchs, China is fol­low­ing a 100-year plan to dom­i­nate the globe and is right on sched­ule.

While most Amer­i­cans get dumber, sicker and poorer, Chi­nese are get­ting smarter, richer, more pow­er­ful and con­fi­dent.

While Amer­ica is mired in po­lit­i­cal, moral and so­cial de­cay, China is evolv­ing as an ever more co­her­ent, uni­fied and pow­er­ful force.

The Chi­nese gov­ern­ment is not con­trolled by lob­by­ists for crim­i­nal cor­po­ra­tions. The mem­bers of its Polit­buro can’t be bought, blackmaile­d or threat­ened by Is­rael, Saudi Ara­bia or in­ter­na­tional banksters.

Whether we are will­ing to ad­mit it or not, China is Amer­ica’s su­pe­rior in many ways and is beat­ing us at our own game of cap­i­tal­ism.

In its 9,000-year his­tory, China has never ex­pe­ri­enced democ­racy and even to­day most Chi­nese have no de­sire for democ­racy. They are con­tent with some­one per­haps wiser than them telling them what to do. And it is this as­pect of China that is the great­est threat to any­one who val­ues their free­dom and lib­erty.

Democ­racy is fail­ing around the world not be­cause it is a flawed po­lit­i­cal sys­tem but be­cause we have failed democ­racy. Through our ig­no­rance, ap­a­thy and fear, we have al­lowed sin­is­ter and de­struc­tive forces to gain con­trol of our gov­ern­ments and in­sti­tu­tions. We have fu­eled the no­tion that democ­racy is a flawed ideal, be­cause we are flawed and have taken democ­racy for granted.

As the Amer­i­can dream turns into a night­mare, it is im­per­a­tive that North Amer­i­cans turn in­ward and ques­tion their deep­est be­liefs, dis­cover the truth about their cul­tures, re­claim what was once great and rede­fine them­selves for the 21st cen­tury. We owe it to the world and fu­ture gen­er­a­tions to keep the fires of free­dom and lib­erty burn­ing and not let the wolves of fas­cism over­whelm us.

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