In­sane Clown Posse Loses Ap­peal of Gang Des­ig­na­tion

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Amer­ica is plagued by thou­sands of hu­manoids who chose to be­have as evil in­sane clowns. The main rea­son they act that way is be­cause they are fans of the white satanic rap duo call­ing it­self the In­sane Clown Posse, which pro­motes in­sane and crim­i­nal be­hav­iour.

Fans of the duo are re­ferred to as Jug­ga­los and they of­ten en­gage in vi­o­lent crim­i­nal acts in­cited by the duo's satanic lyrics. Be­cause vi­o­lence and crim­i­nal­ity is the core part of the sub-cul­ture and some fans choose to obey the mantras, the fans have were des­ig­nated as “a loosely-or­ga­nized hy­brid gang” in 2011 by the FBI'S Na­tional Gang In­tel­li­gence Cen­ter.

The Cen­ter ob­served that “many Jug­galo sub­sets ex­hibit gang-like be­hav­ior and en­gage in crim­i­nal ac­tiv­ity and vi­o­lence.”

The In­sane Clown Posse sued the FBI over the gang des­ig­na­tion of its Jug­galo fan base and claimed that their rights were be­ing vi­o­lated. The In­sane Clowns were re­cently ruled against by the Sixth Cir­cuit Court.

Judge Alice Batchelder wrote, “the Jug­galo gang des­ig­na­tion does not re­sult in le­gal con­se­quences be­cause it does not im­pose li­a­bil­ity, de­ter­mine le­gal rights or obli­ga­tions, or man­date, bind, or limit other gov­ern­ment ac­tors.”

A foot­note at the end of the 11-page opin­ion says that the Jug­ga­los could still “raise their con­sti­tu­tional claims against the in­di­vid­ual of­fi­cers they com­plain of through a suit.”

It is pos­sile that the In­sane Clowns brought the suit merely as a pub­lic­ity stunt.

What is dis­turb­ing is not that the FBI rec­og­nizes the fans as a po­ten­tial threat to so­ci­ety but that so many young Amer­i­cans are at­tracted to mur­der, rape, tor­ture and necrophilia and choose to iden­tify them­selves as crim­i­nally in­sane clowns.

What is also dis­turb­ing is that Amer­ica has be­come so tol­er­ant of evil when it is pre­sented as 'mu­sic' and the crime of in­cit­ing vi­o­lence is not pros­e­cuted when done through rap.

When Joseph Bruce and Joseph Ut­sler (In­sane Clown Posse) put on makeup and in­cite mur­der and dis­mem­ber­ment of women and chil­dren from a stage or Youtube video they are some­how im­mune from pros­e­cu­tion.

When Imams in­cite vi­o­lent Ji­had they are branded as ter­ror­ists and pros­e­cuted. Per­haps they should wear clown makeup and start rap­ing their ser­mons if they want to avoid be­ing dronned for in­cit­ing vi­o­lence.

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