What Was Amer­ica's Mys­te­ri­ous $21 Tril­lion Spent On?

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It has been known for decades that the Pen­tagon is un­will­ing to ac­count for much of the money it re­ceives and that about $10 tril­lion is cur­rently un­ac­counted for since the 1990s. The miss­ing money has been the sub­ject of a num­ber of Con­gres­sional in­quiries and many at­tempts have been made to force the Pen­tagon to ac­count for the money it re­ceives.

What is not com­monly known is that the ac­tual amount of money un­ac­counted for is much greater and ex­tends to other agen­cies as well and that much of the money was never bud­geted in the first place.

Af­ter for­mer As­sis­tant Sec­re­tary of Hous­ing and Fed­eral Hous­ing Com­mis­sioner and Wall Street banker Cather­ine Austin Fitts started pub­licly rais­ing the is­sue and pro­vid­ing doc­u­men­ta­tion to prove her ac­cu­sa­tions, Michi­gan State Univer­sity eco­nom­ics pro­fes­sor Mark Skid­more de­cided to look into the is­sue for him­self. He had some of his stu­dents dig through thou­sands of doc­u­ments from the Of­fice of the In­spec­tor Gen­eral (OIG) and they dis­cov­ered that $21 tril­lion given to fed­eral agen­cies be­tween 1998 through 2015 were un­ac­counted for and that the ori­gin of much of the money is un­known since the amounts greatly ex­ceed the money ac­tu­ally bud­geted for the agen­cies.

One ex­am­ple from OIG doc­u­ments shows that in fis­cal year 2015 the Army was un­able to ac­count for $6.5 tril­lion in jour­nal voucher ad­just­ments. Con­sid­er­ing that the Army’s en­tire au­tho­rized bud­get for Fis­cal 2015 was only $120 bil­lion, that puts the er­ror at 54 times what was au­tho­rized.

The idea that $21 tril­lion has been given to fed­eral agen­cies to spend with­out any ac­count­abil­ity strains credulity and de­fies com­mon sense. How could that much money be spent with­out it show­ing up some­where in the U.S. or world econ­omy? Af­ter all, there is only about $1.5 tril­lion to­tal in cir­cu­la­tion in the en­tire U.S., so how could so much ad­di­tional money be pumped into agen­cies with­out it be­ing spent on some­thing some­where that would be ap­par­ent?

If one spreads the money out over 16 years it equals about $3.6 bil­lion per day. If that were di­vided be­tween 100 dif­fer­ent projects then it would only be $36 mil­lion per project per day, 365 days a year. And yes, the U.S. mil­i­tary in­dus­try com­plex and other fed­eral agen­cies can cer­tainly burn through that much money over that pe­riod of time with­out it be­ing read­ily ap­par­ent to the av­er­age per­son, es­pe­cially if the money is be­ing used to pay for things in other coun­tries or un­der­ground. And that much money could help ac­count for the

rapid eco­nomic growth that many coun­tries have been ex­pe­ri­enc­ing.

And it might also help ex­plain the in­ter­na­tion­ally or­ches­trated sub-prime mort­gage scam which made tril­lions of dol­lars van­ish from the world econ­omy. Pumping too much money into an econ­omy means that some of it must be re­moved.

We also know that the Fed­eral Re­serve can and does cre­ate money from noth­ing and that it could have sim­ply cre­ated tril­lions of dol­lars and fed it through the sys­tem to pay for some great se­cret project.

So, if one ac­cepts that there could have been vast amounts of phan­tom money cre­ated and spent pri­mar­ily by the Depart­ment of De­fense, then the next ques­tion is what was it spent on?

While the fact of the un­ac­counted funds is a mat­ter of pub­lic record, what the money was spent on re­mains the big mys­tery sub­ject to spec­u­la­tion.

The the­o­ries are var­ied. Some of the money is likely held in off­shore banks out­side of the view­ing eyes of Con­gres­sional au­di­tors. But there are other thoughts, es­pe­cially where such a large sum of money is in­volved.

One clue as to what the money was spend on is Buck­ley Air Force Base, hid­ing in plain sight in Aurora, Colorado. The base is run by the U.S. Space Com­mand and of­fi­cially has 93,000 peo­ple work­ing there from at least 83 dif­fer­ent fed­eral agen­cies–many de­ployed un­der­ground.

The most prom­i­nent fea­tures of Buck­ley are the 100 foot tall radomes that look like gi­ant golf balls. They are huge satel­lite dishes to send and re­ceive data from deep space which are en­closed in fiber­glass domes to pre­vent their ori­en­ta­tion from be­ing ob­served and to keep snow off them.

Cather­ine Austin Fitts, Dr. Joseph Far­rell, Richard Dolan and oth­ers claim the money is sup­port­ing a break-away civ­i­liza­tion with highly ad­vanced tech­nol­ogy en­gaged in a space col­o­niza­tion pro­gram. Buck­ley Space Com­mand and sim­i­lar fa­cil­i­ties could be used to sup­port such a pro­gram.

The idea of a break­away civ­i­liza­tion got its start back in 1977 when a UK TV show en­ti­tled "Al­ter­na­tive 3" was aired on ITV'S Sci­ence Re­port. The show was sup­pos­edly sched­uled to be first broad­cast on April Fool's day but was de­layed un­til June 20.

The pro­gram was ini­tially pre­sented as fact and pur­ported to ex­pose a plan to make the Moon and Mars hab­it­able in the event of run­away cli­mate change or other ex­tinc­tion level event. Later it was claimed that the pro­gram was a hoax. Re­mark­ably, the sup­pos­edly fake footage shown of Mars matches footage broad­cast much later by rovers on Mars.

One of the ways that the U.S. and other coun­tries keep se­cret projects se­cret is to leak them in a fic­tional form and then dis­credit the story. If there were in­deed a se­cret project to col­o­nize the Moon and Mars then "Al­ter­na­tive 3" would have been ex­actly one of the ways they would use to con­trol the in­for­ma­tion.

Another clue is the now de­clas­si­fied 1959 study of the U.S. Army's Project Hori­zon to es­tab­lish a fort on the Moon by 1967 and the Air Force's 1958 Lunex Project for a 21-air­man un­der­ground Air Force base on the Moon by 1968 at a to­tal cost of $7.5 bil­lion.

Earth has in­deed gone through a num­ber of cat­a­clysms in its past, with the most re­cent ones be­ing mas­sive me­teor show­ers ap­prox. 12,800 and 11,600 years ago that ended the ice age and caused the Great Flood that de­stroyed the ad­vanced civ­i­liza­tions ex­ist­ing at the time.

Ac­cord­ing to re­searcher and au­thor Gra­ham Han­cock, the enig­matic pet­ro­glyphs on the stones at Göbekli Tepe in Tur­key warn of a sim­i­lar cat­a­clysm oc­cur­ring in the near fu­ture. Han­cock makes a con­vinc­ing case for the claim in his book Ma­gi­cians of the Gods.

If the world's elites do have in­for­ma­tion about a near fu­ture cat­a­clysm then it would also help ex­plain their will­ing­ness to de­stroy our planet for short-term profit If they be­lieve that hu­man­ity has no fu­ture on Earth and they will some­how es­cape and sur­vive then they might treat the planet and other hu­mans just as they are.

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