Arc­tic Warm­ing Apoca­lypse Spells D-O-O-M for Planet Earth

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In Fe­bru­ary, the north­ern­most per­ma­nent weather sta­tion in the Arc­tic warmed to sum­mer temperatures of +12°C (43°F). This oc­cured dur­ing the depth of the dark Arc­tic win­ter and in what should be the second cold­est month of the year for the sta­tion, with early March nor­mally be­ing slightly colder. The tem­per­a­ture should have been more like the his­tor­i­cal av­er­age of -33°C (-27°F).

The ex­treme heat wave this win­ter is not an iso­lated anom­aly. There have been an en­tirely un­prece­dented 61 days of above freez­ing temperatures in the Arc­tic this win­ter.

Cli­mate watch­ers have been sound­ing the alarm with Tweets such as:

It is ab­so­lutely as­ton­ish­ing how much warmer the Arc­tic is right now rel­a­tive to even the pre­vi­ous record warm­est Fe­bru­ary. I know there have been a lot of su­perla­tives tossed around lately, but this truly is "record shat­ter­ing." Wow. — Daniel Swain (@Weather_west) Fe­bru­ary 25, 2018

This is sim­ply shock­ing. I don't have the words. — Eric Holthaus (@Eri­cholthaus) Fe­bru­ary 24, 2018

There is open wa­ter north of Green­land where the thick­est sea ice used to be. It is not re­freez­ing quickly be­cause air temperatures are above zero con­firmed by DMIDK'S weather sta­tion. Wacky weather con­tin­ues with scary strength and per­sis­tence. — Lars Kaleschke (@seaice_de) Fe­bru­ary 25, 2018

For planet Earth this much warm­ing in the Arc­tic is apoc­a­lyp­tic, not just be­cause it kills off the life in the Arc­tic that was de­pen­dent upon a sta­ble cold cli­mate but also be­cause it means that the Arc­tic has warmed far be­yond any­thing pre­vi­ously imag­ined at this stage and that there is no hope of stop­ping or slow­ing run­away cli­mate change. It truly means a global apoca­lypse.

The danger with the ever more rapidly heating Arc­tic is that it is a planet killing time-bomb. Locked in the Arc­tic is vastly more CO2 and meth­ane than emit­ted by all hu­mans for all time. Once most of the Arc­tic ice is gone the loss of albedo (re­flec­tion of light) guar­an­tees that the Arc­tic will re­lease its vast stores of car­bon ex­po­nen­tially faster.

There are al­ready gi­ant gy­sers of meth­ane in the Arc­tic jet­ting to the ocean sur­face from melt­ing meth­ane clathrates on the ocean floor. The tun­dra is emit­ting a rapidly grow­ing stream of CO2 and meth­ane through-

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