At­mo­spheric CO2 Hits 412.37 ppm

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On April 23rd, CO2 lev­els at the Mauna Loa ob­ser­va­tory in Hawaii hit the high­est av­er­age daily level so far for 2018 at 412.37 ppm, with a peak hourly level above 413 ppm.

The good news is that it was slightly be­low the all­time record last year of 412.63 on April 26, but that doesn't mean that CO2 lev­els aren't still ris­ing. CO2 is higher over­all this year.

The re­ally bad news is that hu­man car­bon emis­sions had maybe peaked but are now climb­ing again and sea ice in the Arc­tic is at an all-time low for this time of the year af­ter suf­fer­ing a win­ter heat wave with much of the win­ter be­ing above freez­ing in­stead of the nor­mal -60°C.

The Arc­tic stores vastly more car­bon than all hu­man emis­sions for all time and is cur­rently spew­ing out mas­sive amounts of CO2 and meth­ane in ever in­creas­ing amounts.

Once the sum­mer ice is mostly gone the Arc­tic will ab­sorb so much heat that the ice will stay gone and then the emis­sions will in­crease even faster and the Earth will heat up much faster and the ice at Antarc­tica and Green­land will melt faster and faster and raise ocean lev­els by some 100 me­ters (328 feet).

Record high (and some record low) tem­per­a­tures are in­creas­ingly be­com­ing the norm each year with many parts of the world reg­u­larly ex­pe­ri­enc­ing tem­per­a­tures that are 20°C above nor­mal.

Some places are al­ready ex­pe­ri­enc­ing lethal tem­per­a­tures and peo­ple can't go out­side.

An in­creas­ing num­ber of cli­mate sci­en­tists, such as Dr. Peter Wad­hams, pro­fes­sor of Ocean Physics, and Head of the Po­lar Ocean Physics Group in the De­part­ment of Ap­plied Math­e­mat­ics and The­o­ret­i­cal Physics, Univer­sity of Cam­bridge, are step­ping out of the delu­sion that hu­mans will re­duce their car­bon emis­sions in time to avoid cat­a­strophic global warm­ing and cli­mate change and that the only op­tion left now is rad­i­cal geo-en­gi­neer­ing on a mass scale. But, no one seems to be se­ri­ously talk­ing about geo-en­gi­neer­ing.

The NAPC will en­deavor to use the AMERO to fund in­no­va­tive re­search into cli­mate adap­ta­tion and so­lu­tions to re­verse the causes of global warm­ing.

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