Face­book’s New “Trust­wor­thy” News Project Comes Filled with Fox News

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On! July! 11,! Face­book! un­veiled! its! new! “trust­wor­thy”! news! project.! The! so­cial! media! gi­ant! was! de­vel­op­ing! it,! they! say,! to! en­sure! more! re­li­able! news! re­port­ing.!

They! had! help! from! sev­eral! right-wing! sources! to! make! it! hap­pen.! This! in­cluded! meet­ings! in! June! be­tween! Face­book! executives! and! Repub­li­can! law­mak­ers! to! ad­dress! con­cerns! that! it! was! cen­sor­ing! con­ser­va­tive! points! of! view! and! fa­vor­ing! left-wing! or! pro­gres­sive! per­spec­tives.

De­spite! that! media! an­a­lysts! dis­missed! the! con­cerns! about! Face­book! news! sources! be­ing! too! left-wing! as! “ridicu­lous”! and! “prov­ably! false”,! Face­book! ap­pears! to! have! done! just! the! right! thing! to! please! its! many! right-wing! friends! in! Wash­ing­ton.! It! has! re­designed! its! news! with! one! filled! with! ex­cerpts! from! Fox! News! pro­grams.

As! Giz­modo’s! AJ! Dellinger! said! about! Face­book’s! new! feed,! “The! [Fox! News]! net­work! leads! off! cov­er­age! first! thing! in! the! morn­ing,! snagged! the! prime! mid-day! spot! with! a! ver­sion! of! 'Fox! News! Up­date'...! and! will! get! two! week­end! time! slots.”! He! went! on! to! say! that ,!“it' s! the! only! news! net­work! that! is! a! part! of! the! face­book-funded! project! to! have! a! show! on! face­book! watch! ev­ery! day! of! the! week ."

Frank! dale! of! think progress! gave! more! in­sights! as! to! what! was! be­hind! the! changes.! “Zucker­berg! has! seemed! sen­si­tive! to! claims! of! left-wing! bias! over! the! past! year,! part­ner­ing! with! a! right-wing! out­let! to! factcheck! sto­ries,! pan­der­ing! to! con­ser­va­tive! con­spir­acy! the­o­ries,! and! hir­ing! two! ma­jor! con­ser­va­tive! groups! to! de­ter­mine! whether! the! plat­form! dis­plays! a! lib­eral! bias.”

It! ap­pears! not! to! mat­ter! that! much! to! Face­book! that! with! Fox! News! in! a! lead! po­si­tion! in! its! news! feeds,! the! bal­ance! has! gone! not! just! to! the! right! but! to! the! far-right.! It! also! is! with! a! net­work! which! shame­lessly! sup­ports! most! any­thing! don­ald! Trump! pro­poses,! and! reg­u­larly! fans! the! flames! of! odd! con­spir­acy! the­o­ries! about! the! left! wing.

There! will! cer­tainly! be! some! ad­just­ments! as! Face­book! fully! rolls! out! its! new! ser­vice.! One! can! rest! as­sured,! how­ever,! that! its! new! “Trust­wor­thy”! news! source! will! be! about! as! “Fair! and! Bal­anced”! as! the! fox! news! net­work! ever! was .!

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