A Su­per Duty From Through the Look­ing Glass


This month’s cov­ers are tak­ing a walk on the wild side. When was the last time you saw a snow­mo­bile or a util­ity bed on a

Truckin cover? We’re pretty sure never, but feast your eyes on the killer C10 cap­tured by John Jack­son and the larger-than-life Su­per Duty from the lens of Phil Gor­don.

When you’re raised in a small, poor log­ging com­mu­nity in the Great White North, you be­gin search­ing for fun, cheap things to en­joy. Grow­ing up in Courtenay, Bri­tish Columbia, Canada, Mea­gan Farough spent her teenage years with her friends mud­ding in 4x4 trucks. When the di­lap­i­dated trucks broke, she and her friends would scrounge through junk­yards for parts to fix them. Mea­gan was al­ways a fan of ex­treme sports, and her area’s cold cli­mates meant she spent a lot of time in the snow.

Mov­ing to Fort McMur­ray right af­ter high school, Mea­gan be­gan work­ing on trucks, try­ing to make them dif­fer­ent. Af­ter work­ing long enough to make money for her first diesel truck, she promptly lifted it her­self. One night at the gym, she met her now-hus­band Blaine. The night he arrived in his lifted truck try­ing to im­press her, he was shocked to see her rig was just as big. Dur­ing the cou­ple’s first year to­gether, Blaine brought his truck to the SEMA show in Las Ve­gas, and Mea­gan be­came en­am­ored with the truck life­style in the States. She vowed the next year would be her time to shine at the mas­sive mar­ket­ing show.

She needed a new can­vas for her cre­ativ­ity, so she pur­chased a brand-new ’16 Ford F-350 Su­per Duty from the deal­er­ship. She chose Ford be­cause to go big on Chevys, she would have had to con­vert to a straight-axle, and she wasn’t in­ter­ested in that. The very first thing done was the hy­drodipped in­te­rior by Liq­uid Cus­toms in Ed­mon­ton. The in­te­rior re­ceived ad­di­tional cus­tom flare via Road­wire leather seats.

The next step was wrap­ping the large Ford in some­thing that spoke of her life­style in North Amer­ica. With Mea­gan’s help, ECD Cus­toms de­signed the win­ter theme with moun­tains and trees, as well as Cana­dian lo­gos. Mea­gan en­listed Nopps Wraps in Ed­mon­ton to add the full wrap to the Ford.

The F-350 was parked in Mea­gan and Blaine’s small garage when the en­tire truck was torn apart, in­clud­ing the sus­pen­sion and axles. The stock brack­ets were cut off for the leaf springs in the rear and the coils in front. The cou­ple painted the en­tire frame in­side the garage. Mea­gan’s friend Paul at Bet­ter Call Paul added a full stereo sys­tem un­der­neath the rear seats as well as a cus­tom mini iPad kit mounted un­der­neath the stock head unit.

The process to this point took two months, as they did as much work as they could in be­tween jobs, spend­ing ev­ery bit of free time in the garage. PMF coil pots were in­stalled next, while the axles were get­ting pow­der­coated by Im­pact Coat­ings in Ed­mon­ton. Mea­gan in­stalled all the un­der­glow from Aurora Z Light­ing. She wanted the Ford to out­per­form the other rigs on the road, so she added the PPEI EZ Lynk, and all the en­gine deletes as well as a cold-air in­take.

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