Lady Luck

Gam­bling on this ’05 Ford Ex­cur­sion paid off big


In most cases, a par­ent’s love and pas­sion for cer­tain things is passed down to their chil­dren. But for Josh Beachum, it was the com­plete op­po­site. Al­though he grew up in Aynor, South Carolina, ad­mir­ing cus­tom cars, Josh’s in­ter­est in trucks didn’t emerge un­til his son got in­volved in the scene. Be­fore the age of 21, Josh had five cus­tom builds un­der his belt, but they were all im­port ve­hi­cles. When Josh’s son Tris­tan turned 15, he asked his fa­ther for a truck. They found and agreed to pur­chase a ’92 Bronco for Tris­tan’s birth­day.

Through­out the next year, Tris­tan be­gan cus­tomiz­ing the Bronco with the help of his fa­ther in their garage. “I started look­ing at these up­grades and kept think­ing these were so much bet­ter than a car,” Josh tells Truckin. “It was time for me to join a new cul­ture.” Al­most one year to the date of the Bronco pur­chase, Josh found an ’05 Ford Ex­cur­sion for sale on­line and made ar­range­ments to take a look at it. The truck was lo­cated in Nashville, about eight hours away, but he and Tris­tan made the drive.

Once the new Ex­cur­sion ar­rived home, Josh be­gan clean­ing up the un­der­car­riage and re­mov­ing the factory run­ning boards and re­plac­ing them with Amp Re­search Pow­erSteps. The next task was adding a mod­est lift and putting some wheels on the Ford. When the ’16 Ford F-250 was re­leased, Josh fell in love with the new front end of the truck and en­listed Bob Daft from Horry County Col­li­sion to add it to the Ex­cur­sion.

Af­ter get­ting a lot of pos­i­tive feed­back on the up­dated front end, Josh de­cided he wanted to go a step fur­ther by up­dat­ing the en­tire in­te­rior to a ’16 F-250. He lo­cated some­one in Penn­syl­va­nia who was will­ing to sell the en­tire in­te­rior of a ’16 model. “I drove the nine hours and bought lit­er­ally ev­ery piece, panel, nut, and bolt from that truck,” Josh says. “It was a cramped ride back home.”

Once home, Josh and his good friend Josh Evans be­gan in­stalling ev­ery piece. Not one wire matched up to the ’05 Ex­cur­sion, so ev­ery­thing had to be adapted and made to work. Josh es­ti­mates they spent about 500 hours on the in­stal­la­tion of the in­te­rior. The rear door pan­els had to be cut and stretched, be­cause the rear doors are longer on the Ex­cur­sion than the F-250. They molded the head­liner to the ex­ist­ing head­liner and de­signed a cus­tom back­lit panel in the sun­roof slot.

The build went vi­ral on­line and got the at­ten­tion of Joel from Amer­i­can Force Wheels, who of­fered a deal on some new wheels. Josh pur­chased brand-new 26-inch rims and 40-inch Fury tires. Af­ter the wheels and tires were added, Josh got a con­fir­ma­tion let­ter stat­ing he would be in the Fury booth at SEMA in Las Ve­gas. “It was at that time I knew I wanted to go even big­ger,” Josh adds. “It was time to im­press peo­ple.” He con­tacted the Davis broth­ers, Daniel and Brian at Davis Off Road in Rich­mond, Vir­ginia, for a lift. For the next nine weeks, the Davis broth­ers poured their heart and soul into the new lift, chang­ing prac­ti­cally ev­ery­thing un­der the truck.

Josh knew his time was get­ting tight, so he drove to Rich­mond and, along­side the Davis broth­ers, spent the last nine days adding the Boost Bars, grille, and Body­guard bumpers to the front and back. The truck was fin­ished ap­prox­i­mately six hours be­fore Jay Thompson from Thompson Trans­port ar­rived to pick up the Ex­cur­sion. Josh proudly dis­played his Ex­cur­sion in the Fury booth for the du­ra­tion of the show and got ex­cep­tional feed­back.

Al­though Ford halted pro­duc­tion of the Ex­cur­sion in 2005 (the year Josh owned), Josh’s rig—with the 2016 up­grades all around—rep­re­sents what the make and model would look like if it were in pro­duc­tion a lot longer. Josh wishes to thank his fam­ily for be­ing there and deal­ing with him spend­ing so much time build­ing Lady Luck. A spe­cial thanks goes to his wife, Ken­dra, and son Tris­tan for all their help, as well as his ex­tended fam­ily, his mother, fa­ther, brother Chip, and daugh­ter Jessica for their sup­port.

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