Project Over/Un­der: Part 3.5

Truckin - - WRENCHIN' -

The newly wrapped head­liner was set back in place and we be­gan re­in­stalling the color-matched parts and fas­ten­ers.

Soon, the head­liner was locked into place and look­ing good.

We bolted on the new wheel, then reat­tached the horn as­sem­bly. With the airbag mod­ule plugged back in, it sim­ply snapped into place. Since this wheel has pro­vi­sions for the steer­ing wheel con­trols, we bought the cheap­est set we could find on eBay and popped it in. Mak­ing the con­trols func­tional would re­quire a wiring har­ness and a mir­a­cle, so that would have to wait for a while.

A 13/16 socket re­moved the bolt that holds the steer­ing wheel on. And just be­fore we grabbed the wheel puller, we shook and pulled on the wheel, and it popped off so we got to skip a step!

The afore­men­tioned shroud was re­moved from the old wheel and bolted to the Grant leather wheel.

The Grant cus­tom leather-wrapped OEM airbag steer­ing wheel fills a void for steer­ing wheel up­grades. It comes with easy-to-read in­struc­tions, and we wasted no time get­ting it on the truck.

The last step was to re­assem­ble the vi­sors and reat­tach them to the roof. From here, we re­in­stalled the seats and the rest of our trim pan­els, and our job at Stitchcraft was com­plete.

With the bat­tery dis­con­nected for a few min­utes, we stuck two mini-screw­drivers in the ac­cess holes on each side of the plas­tic shroud be­hind the wheel.

The horn con­nec­tor was pushed in and turned to be re­moved. Then the four Torx bolts were re­moved to de­tach the rest of the horn as­sem­bly from the wheel.

The airbag mod­ule popped right out, and we re­moved the two con­nec­tors and care­fully set it aside.

We con­tin­ued trim­ming and tuck­ing across the rear of the cab.

A heat gun helped in some of the tight­est cor­ners, which is up at the front of the hump. Then the last cor­ner was laid in place.

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