Project Over/Un­der: Part Six

Re­build­ing Our Freshly Painted Sil­ver­ado With New Parts From LMC Truck


Re­build­ing our freshly painted Sil­ver­ado with new parts

When we left you last month, we had fi­nally rolled our “beat to neat” project out of the paint booth at LGE-CTS and were ready to put it back to­gether. We quickly re­al­ized all of the work that was still in front of us, though. So much so that we had to split this por­tion of the build into two parts. This month, we will show you ex­actly what it takes to get pro­fes­sion­al­look­ing re­sults when you re­assem­ble a truck—ba­si­cally, all of the un­sexy stuff you don’t nor­mally see. All this ex­tra work will make a much nicer base for all our cool bolt-on parts that will fi­nal­ize the truck’s ex­te­rior.

We started with the big box of parts that were re­moved from the truck for paint but will be reused. Each of these parts is avail­able through LMC Truck, but a lot of these items still looked fine and just needed a good clean­ing. Most of them re­volved around the doors, so that is where we started the re­assem­bly process. We got new fender flares from LMC—we never had the fronts, and the rears were shot—but we wanted some­thing more than the fac­tory tex­tured look, so we sprayed a coat of tex­tured matte black over the plas­tic, fol­lowed by a coat of matte clear for dura­bil­ity. We’re hop­ing this new look will more closely match the bumpers and steps we have planned for the truck.

From there, we pulled the bed off for the last time, did some pres­sure wash­ing and paint­ing, and bolted the bed back down, fol­lowed by the SnugTop shell and Yakima rack. Af­ter a lit­tle work on our tail­gate and a new cap, we were all caught up. Fol­low our work below and check out the en­tire build at And check back next month, be­cause there’s a whole lot more to do on our Sil­ver­ado.

1. When we last left you, we fin­ished up our paint at LGE-CTS and set the bed and HD hood on to get a look at our ’03 Sil­ver­ado. This is where things start to get fun.

2. Well…not quite yet. There were still a lot of fac­tory parts that needed to go back on be­fore we moved to the big-ticket items.

3. Prior to even touch­ing the truck, we spent a good amount of time pol­ish­ing up ev­ery sin­gle part that was be­ing re­in­stalled. Lac­quer thin­ner, soapy wa­ter, fine steel wool, and Meguiar’s Ul­ti­mate Black were all used to get these parts look­ing like new again.

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