Un­ex­pected Up­grades: Pick-Me-Up 68


Power on de­mand for an ’18 Ram Cum­mins

1. As with all elec­tri­cal projects, we re­moved the neg­a­tive bat­tery cables be­fore pro­ceed­ing to the in­stal­la­tion.

2. The next step was to re­move the cor­rect fuse from the panel un­der the hood. In this case, we re­moved fuse F75 as listed in the in­stal­la­tion in­struc­tions for this truck.

3. Then we in­serted the leaded fuse link pro­vided. The leg with the wire sol­dered to it needs to plug into the “Hot” side of the fuse lo­ca­tion as shown.

4. In or­der to reach the stock in­jec­tor con­nec­tors, we re­moved the dust shield on top of the mo­tor, then lo­cated the con­nec­tors. We then pro­ceeded to plug in the Edge in­jec­tor con­nec­tors between each of them.

5. Us­ing a good, grounded bolt on the fender near the elec­tri­cal box, we routed the wire from the Edge main har­ness and at­tached the ground con­nec­tor.

6. Mov­ing to the firewall, the OBDII con­nec­tor was fed through a grom­met into the cab.

This wiring is sup­plied with an EAS junc­tion, HDMI con­nec­tor, and Data Link con­nec­tor.

The rec­tan­gu­lar EAS con­nec­tor and cable are routed through the firewall grom­met. The JAB and Juice Mo­d­ule will re­main un­der the hood.

7. The Juice to At­ti­tude Bridge con­nec­tor (or JAB) is plugged in­line with the cir­cu­lar EAS con­nec­tor. The At­ti­tude unit will not func­tion prop­erly with­out this cor­rectly in­stalled.

8. In­side the cab, we lo­cated the throt­tle sen­sor un­der the dash­board to plug in the Amp’d mo­d­ule with sup­plied har­ness, then we se­cured it us­ing the pro­vided zip ties.

9. An Amp’d switch can be mounted us­ing the bracket it comes with, or, in our case, flush mounted in an area near the har­ness con­nec­tor. This switch will al­low throt­tle sen­si­tiv­ity changes on the fly.

10. While we were un­der the dash, we routed the HDMI con­nec­tor up through the dash­board driver-side ac­cess panel in prepa­ra­tion for plug­ging into the mon­i­tor.

11. To in­stall the EGT probe, a small hole was drilled and pipe-tapped into the ex­haust man­i­fold ac­cord­ing to the in­struc­tions pro­vided. We got the fit­ting into the tapped hole, mak­ing sure to not crossthread.

12. We then re­moved the fit­ting from the ther­mo­cou­ple and in­stalled it by slowly tight­en­ing the tapered thread end into the man­i­fold un­til it was seated se­curely.

13. The yel­low and red con­nec­tors for the EGT probe are routed to the cor­re­spond­ing Juice har­ness con­nec­tors and wrapped with shrink tube as shown.

14. The Edge main har­ness can now be plugged into the unit af­ter be­ing se­cured with the sup­plied Vel­cro to the top of the fac­tory elec­tri­cal box.

15. Af­ter choos­ing a mount­ing lo­ca­tion and se­cur­ing the mon­i­tor in place, you can turn on the sys­tem.

16. We had menu ac­cess im­me­di­ately af­ter the startup screen, al­low­ing for many op­tions and set­tings at the press of a but­ton.

17. Here, you can see the lay­out panel al­lows us to keep an eye on each in­di­vid­ual read­ing.

18. Our sec­ond task of this un­der­hood project was to get the S&B Fil­ter in­stalled in place of the fac­tory Ram-Air box.

19. We started by un­plug­ging all the har­nesses at­tached to the stock air in­take tube and box.

20. Then we lo­cated the turbo in­let, loos­ened the spring clamp, and dis­con­nected the hose.

21. Us­ing a ratchet and socket, we re­moved the re­tain­ing bolt for the air­box while mak­ing sure to loosen any other hose clamps as well.

22. The fac­tory air­box could now be lifted from its lo­ca­tion, but we had to do this slowly and dis­con­nect the har­ness lo­cated on the un­der­side of the box.

23. The MAF sen­sor and IAT sen­sor are ex­tracted from the fac­tory air­box by re­mov­ing the three fac­tory bolts then re­in­stalled us­ing the sup­plied screws and gas­kets on the new S&B in­take.

24. We also re­moved the fac­tory swing gate mo­tor from the old air­box as di­rected and in­stalled it on the new unit.

25. Af­ter con­struct­ing the S&B Swing Gate Dam to Arm us­ing the pro­vided hard­ware, we in­stalled the in­lets in the front and side.

26. The swing gate could now be slid onto the ex­posed shaft as shown.

27. The as­sem­bled S&B in­take is now ready for in­stal­la­tion with the sen­sors and turbo hose we in­stalled.

28. Us­ing the sup­plied ex­ten­sion har­ness, we con­nected the swing gate mo­tor and sen­sor prior to putting the air in­take into the truck.

29. The air­box is now dropped in place with the turbo hose fit into place and tight­ened us­ing hose clamps.

30. Re­vers­ing the re­moval process, we plugged in each of the har­nesses to the cor­rect sen­sors.

31. We then tight­ened the main re­tain­ing bolt to lock the unit into place.

32. The fil­ter can now be placed in­side the box and the hose clamp tight­ened to se­cure it.

33. The top pro­tec­tive lid is then pre­pared with the edge trim and then tight­ened onto the unit us­ing four screws.

34. Our S&B in­take is in­stalled and ready to go! The ef­fect this combo had on drive­abil­ity and power was sig­nif­i­cant to say the least. We could feel all 150 horses we added, which will make this tow rig that much more fun and func­tional!

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