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Sooners seek to regroup. Sports, B1 TU professor has had a big impact on the prairie. METRO // A11 MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2019 TULSAWORLD.COM Under siege “The Untold Miracle at CAP Echo 4” by Fred Blakemore can be downloaded as a free PDF through Texas Tech University's Vietnam Center at:vva.vietnam.ttu.edu/repositories/2/digital_objects/645932 To buy a hardback copy, contact Blakemore directly at 918-853-1508. FIND US ONLINE BLACK HISTORY MONTH @tulsaworld facebook.com/tulsaworld Twitter: Facebook: INDEX Ask Amy Classified Comics Crosswords Datelines A14 Editorial Movies Obituaries Sports TV Sudoku A5 C1 A16 A15 A12 February is Black History Month and the Tulsa World will be publishing stories and daily facts throughout the month. A14 B2 A9 A15 LOTTERY Pick 3: 6-1-1 Cash 5: 7-11-15-23-31 Daily - $2.00 11775 00001 8 6

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