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CAPITOL SECURITY: Law enforcemen­t officials concerned

by the prospect for violence at a rally in the nation’s capital next

week plan to reinstall protective fencing that surrounded the U.S.

Capitol for months after the Jan. 6 insurrecti­on there, a person familiar with the discussion­s said.

HURRICANE: The death toll in Louisiana from Hurricane Ida rose to 26 Wednesday, after health officials reported 11 additional deaths in New Orleans, mostly older people who perished from the heat.

Three people have been arrested for stealing the identities of some victims in June’s deadly South Florida

condominiu­m building collapse, prosecutor­s said Wednesday.

Betsy Alexandra Cacho Medina, 30, Rodney Choute, 38, and Kimberly Michelle Johnson, 34, were arrested Wednesday on charges related to fraud and counterfei­ting.

CHANGE: Researcher­s who estimate how much of the world’s coal, oil and natural gas reserves should be left unburned to slow the increase in climate-changing gases in the atmosphere said in a report Wednesday that even more of these fossil fuels should be left

in the ground.

COURT: The U.S. Supreme Court announced

Wednesday that justices plan to return to their majestic, marble courtroom for arguments beginning in October, more than a year and a half after the in-person sessions were halted because of

the coronaviru­s pandemic.


COLLEGE TRIAL: Jury selection began Wednesday in federal court in Boston in the case against two parents — former casino executive Gamal Abdelaziz and former Staples and Gap Inc. executive

John Wilson — who are accused of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to help get their kids into the University of Southern California by falsely presenting

them as athletic recruits.

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