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On Sept. 3, when I retrieved my newspaper from the driveway, the headline “Hospital capacity reports conflict” caught my eye.

I, like most Oklahoma citizens, have been concerned with our recent COVID numbers.

Hospitals all over the state are reporting ICUs at capacity and the necessity to move critical patients out of state.

In contrast, the state health department reports “anywhere from 57 to 97 available staffed ICU beds this week across Oklahoma.”

That’s quite a difference! Who are we to believe — the hospitals, which have nothing to gain but compassion, or the state, which has everything to gain by employing a defense of covering their backsides?

But a story only six pages later, “Jobless claims stay on decline,” concerned me even more.

If the numbers of COVID patients in ICUs can be fudged, why can’t the unemployme­nt figures be fudged to make the economy look better?

This lack of transparen­cy on the part of the state government leaves the citizens in the dark fumbling around with what informatio­n to believe.

Karen Gaddis, Tulsa

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