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Mother’s prayer


Thirteen American service members and 169 Afghan nationals were killed in the chaos of ending a war gone on too long.

We are horror struck at the evil that perpetrate­s such acts and the indescriba­ble sorrow that visits their families.

In too many cases, the Afghans essential to our work were losing their lives while waiting for a safe exit.

I can offer only empathy and prayers for those who died and those who grieve.

On the first day of the Iraq war, I awoke with these distinct words coming clearly to me. I call it “A Mother’s Prayer.”

I have used it for 19 years for my personal devotions. It was read at our son’s funeral.

I share this divinely inspired prayer with those who are grieved by the current situation our nation and Afghanista­n faces.

“God of wrath and power, protect our sons and daughters sent into battle by men drunk on hubris and guile. As bombs rain around them, send them to the quiet places of the soul, where your indwelling spirit whispers ways of reconcilia­tion.

“Steel but humble them as they face those named enemy. Remind them that you are on their side and the other side too. Return them to us whole in body, mind and spirit. And if that cannot be, give us hearts to accept

their brokenness. God of Mercy, give them wisdom on returning home, to find ways to live in peace with all the others in this broken world.”

Jessica Stowell, Tulsa

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