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Illegal abortions


Why do some people want to go back to the past? Have they forgotten what life was like before Roe v. Wade?

Many of the current pro-life people weren’t around before 1973 when the Supreme Court made its ruling. I was, and I can’t believe that intelligen­t people would want to go back there.

If “pro-life” people believe that making it harder for a woman to terminate an unwanted pregnancy will stop abortions, they are delusional. I put that in quotations because more than one critic has noted that they might be pro-birth but not really pro-life.

There were many abortions before safe and legal procedures were available to all women.

Families with money were always able to send their women to another state or another country to have an abortion performed.

Only the very poor were forced to resort to coat hangers or unlicensed providers. Somewhere in the middle were families such as the one I know.

The family lived in northeast Oklahoma. Their child became pregnant at age 15.

The father drove the girl to Tulsa and left her on a street corner, where she was picked up by the abortion provider.

Then the girl was taken back to the same street corner, where her father picked her up.

This adverse childhood experience scarred the family for life.

Karen Cardenas, Tulsa

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