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Favorite stadiums


The Tulsa World’s Mike Brown, Barry Lewis and Bill Haisten rank their favorite Oklahoma high school football stadiums:

Mike Brown

1, Union’s Union-Tuttle Stadium: Former Superinten­dent Wesley Jarman’s brainstorm was ahead of its time in 1976, when curious people drove by to gawk as the large, concrete grandstand­s rose out of what was then a near-prairie. Today, with its $35 million facelift, it is once again a showplace.

2, Memorial’s LaFortune Stadium 3, Bixby’s Lee Snider Field 4, Collinsvil­le’s Sallee Field 5, Berryhill’s Berryhill Stadium

Texas honorable mention: Pennington Field in Hurst. It’s the comfortabl­e home stadium of Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independen­t School District teams and a popular neutral-site venue for neighborin­g Metroplex schools. There is ample press box seating for a medium-sized college football game.

Barry Lewis

1, Union’s Union-Tuttle Stadium: It set the standard for area high schools when the original stadium opened in 1976 and the new stadium on that site does the same. It’s great now and will be a showplace when it’s finished. I knew when I saw the plans that it would be impressive, but it is better than I imagined — somewhat the same feeling when I first saw ONEOK Field.

2, Stillwater’s Pioneer Stadium

3, Wagoner’s W.L. Odom Field 4, Holland Hall’s Hardesty Field 5, Broken Arrow’s Memorial Stadium

Texas honorable mention: Norma and Lamar Hunt Family Stadium in Dallas, on the campus of St. Mark’s School of Texas. A nice setting with a lot of trees. It’s cool to be in a high school stadium that was donated by the Hunt family and carries the name of the legendary Kansas City Chiefs owner/AFL founder, Lamar Hunt, who came up with the name of “Super Bowl.”

Bill Haisten

1, Union’s Union-Tuttle Stadium. It was a state-of-the-art facility when built in 1976, and now clearly is the most beautiful and most impressive­ly outfitted high school stadium in Oklahoma. The most dazzling

of the stadium’s new features might be the massive strength-and-conditioni­ng facility, positioned below the double-deck seats on the west side.

2, Clinton’s Tornado Bowl 3, Guthrie’s Jelsma Stadium 4, Jenks’ Allan Trimble Stadium

5, El Reno’s Memorial Stadium

Texas honorable mention: Bulldog Stadium in Borger. While it’s modest in size and design, this was the venue in which, at the age of 8, I first witnessed live football. I don’t remember the Borger opponent or the game’s outcome, but I have a vivid memory of the Bulldogs’ red uniforms, the beautiful green of the natural-grass surface and the sounds of the band and the fans. I was hooked on football forever.

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