Noth­ing ‘Crim­i­nal’ about spinoff’s place­ment


Q: I have seen the new “Crim­i­nal Minds: Suspect Be­hav­ior,” and I won­der if the real “Crim­i­nal Minds” is com­ing back. Kathi Nel­son, Ann Ar­bor, Mich. A: Well, the “real” — or orig­i­nal — show hasn’t gone any­where. It still runs right be­fore the new spinoff se­ries Wed­nes­days on CBS, and since the sec­ond drama usu­ally starts im­me­di­ately af­ter the first one ends, we’re a bit sur­prised you haven’t seen that the par­ent show is still there. The net­work’s idea was to put the For­est Whi­taker-star­ring spinoff show right af­ter the orig­i­nal, as it had done to great suc­cess with “NCIS” and “NCIS: Los An­ge­les.”

Q: I have no­ticed that Thomas Gib­son’s name is now listed in the cred­its of “Crim­i­nal Minds” last as “ ... and Thomas Gib­son.” He used to be the sec­ond lead, then when Joe Man­tegna came in, there seemed to be a change in the cred­its. Why?

Jakki Kan­tor, Greenacres, Fla. A: Speak­ing of the orig­i­nal show, Gib­son got that po­si­tion­ing as an ac­knowl­edg­ment of his stature on the se­ries when Man­tegna ac­quired first po­si­tion upon his ar­rival. Gib­son’s com­ing last might make it seem dif­fer­ently, but the “ ... and” billing is meant to give him spe­cial, added at­ten­tion as a reg­u­lar cast mem­ber.

Q: What hap­pened to the game show “Mil­lion Dol­lar Money Drop”? It was on for a short time, then gone.

Q: There was a show back in the ’80s called “The Charm­ings,” about Snow White and Prince Charm­ing. Was it made by the

Ellen Kutscher, Lyn­nwood, Wash. A: Fox was sched­uled to air the Kevin Pol­lak-hosted show only briefly, at least ini­tially. At this writ­ing, it hadn’t been re­newed of­fi­cially, but the rat­ings and at­ten­tion it gen­er­ated make a re­newal seem likely. Walt Dis­ney Com­pany? And was it ever re­leased on VHS or DVD?

Nate Richards, Com­merce City, Colo. A: Not pro­duced by the Dis­ney or­ga­ni­za­tion but by the now-de­funct Em­bassy Tele­vi­sion, “The Charm­ings” had a two-sea­son run on ABC from 1987 to 1988.

Christo­pher Rich (who later would play Brock on “Reba”) played Prince Charm­ing, who was trans­planted into con­tem­po­rary life — along with Snow White, played the first sea­son by Caitlin O’Heaney and the sec­ond sea­son by Carol Hus­ton — while still hav­ing her wicked step­mother and magic mir­ror ( Judy Parfitt, Paul Win­field) to con­tend with. The show has not been re­leased on home video in any for­mat.

Q: What hap­pened to “FlashFor­ward”? Please don’t tell me it was can­celed. Bar­bara Ro­mano,

Bo­hemia, N.Y. A: It was, about a year ago. Shortly af­ter what turned out to be its only sea­son ended in May, ABC an­nounced that the se­ries wouldn’t be back. All of the ex­ist­ing episodes are avail­able in a DVD set.

Q: I am look­ing for the movie “The Cry­ing Game,” which starred For­est Whi­taker. Was it ever made into a DVD? Au­drey Erick­son, Wheel­ing, W.Va. A: It’s a big week for ques­tions in­volv­ing “Crim­i­nal Minds”re­lated per­son­nel. “The Cry­ing Game” ac­tu­ally has had more than one DVD re­lease, with a 2005 “Col­lec­tor’s Edi­tion” fol­low­ing its orig­i­nal 1998 de­but on disc. Both ver­sions can be found read­ily by shop­ping the In­ter­net.

Q: I was a big fan of “The Gates” on ABC. Can you tell me if it will be re­turn­ing any­time soon? Dar­lene Jakiel­ski, Bothell,

Wash. A: We can tell you that it won’t be re­turn­ing any­time at all. ABC can­celed the su­per­nat­u­ralfla­vored drama shortly af­ter the fi­nale of what turned out to be its lone sea­son last year.

Q: What hap­pens to shows like ABC’s “The Deep End”? They do sev­eral episodes, enough to at­tract an au­di­ence, then they dis­ap­pear.

Lacey Jor­dan, Hemp­stead, N.Y. A: You can rest as­sured, if they at­tracted au­di­ences — at least ones large enough to sat­isfy their net­works — they wouldn’t dis­ap­pear. That was the case with “The Deep End,” which never re­ally got far out of the gate, be­ing in a Thurs­day slot that had plenty of es­tab­lished competition from the CBS and NBC line­ups. Each show’s sit­u­a­tion is it own, but if it dis­ap­pears af­ter only a few episodes, you can pretty much bank that it wasn’t build­ing an au­di­ence, and the net­work gave up on it.

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