Camp­bell gets ‘ac­tion hands’ in ‘Burn No­tice’


Ac­cord­ing to “Burn No­tice” star Bruce Camp­bell, do­ing TV ac­tion scenes may not be life-threat­en­ing, but it does carry cer­tain risks.

“You just fear that you’re go­ing to get crip­pled,” he says, “that’s all, that you’ll get ham­strung by some­thing.

“I did blow my ham­string when I was fight­ing a stunt guy on ‘Burn No­tice’ a cou­ple of years ago. I didn’t want a re­peat of that. So I stayed healthy for the en­tire shoot. No ma­jor in­juries — just my hands. I got ‘ac­tion hands.’ ”

The shoot that Camp­bell, 52, is re­fer­ring to is the one in and around Bogota, Colom­bia, for “Burn No­tice: The Fall of Sam Axe,” a pre­quel movie to the USA Net­work se­ries pre­mier­ing Sun­day, also on USA.

Di­rected by “Burn No­tice” lead ac­tor Jef­frey Dono­van — who plays for­mer CIA op­er­a­tive Michael Westen — and writ­ten by se­ries cre­ator Matt Nix, it takes Camp­bell’s char­ac­ter, wom­an­iz­ing for­mer Navy SEAL and semire­tired covert op­er­a­tive Sam Axe, five years back in time, when he was still Lieu­tenant Com­man­der Axe.

Also star­ring are Alex Fer­nan­dez, Bren­dan O’Mal­ley, Chan­dra West, Pe­dro Pas­cal, Kiele Sanchez, Ilza Rosario and RonReaco Lee.

“It’ll be tan­ta­liz­ing,” Camp­bell says. “It’ll give the fans some­thing to­tally new to watch, be­cause this is a five-year pre­quel.

“So we’ll see if peo­ple are in­ter­ested in watch­ing dif­fer­ent sto­ries with these char­ac­ters. We’re hop­ing yes.”

As the movie opens, Axe has run afoul of an ad­mi­ral (John Diehl) — un­sur­pris­ingly, there’s a woman in­volved — and he gets sent on a mis­sion to Colom­bia to ad­vise a lo­cal mil­i­tary pla­toon. Be­fore long, Axe re­al­izes that he may be on the wrong side in the dis­pute and that a group of ter­ror­ists may be some­thing else al­to­gether.

Be­fore long, Axe is hip-deep in ac­tion. That in­cludes es­cape and eva­sion, ex­plo­sives, and fir­ing guns, hence the “ac­tion hands.”

“I had Winch­ester fin­ger one day,” Camp­bell says. “When you think about it, if you fire a Winch­ester, you have to put your hand in the sec­tion that cocks the gun. And your mid­dle fin­ger — I’m a lefty — tends to do a lot of the work.”

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From left, Bruce Camp­bell, Kiele Sanchez and Ilza Rosario star in “Burn No­tice: The Fall of Sam Axe” Sun­day on USA Net­work.

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