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Q: I re­ally liked “Hu­man Tar­get.” Was it can­celed? And if it is re­turn­ing, when will its new sea­son start?

Gabrielle Collier, Seat­tle A: It’s two sea­sons and out for the lat­est live-ac­tion in­car­na­tion of the DC comic, which ABC had tried ear­lier with Rick Spring­field in the cen­tral role. The more re­cent Fox ver­sion, which starred Mark Val­ley, wasn’t re­newed for next sea­son.

Q: Will there be an­other “Star Trek” movie with Chris Pine?

Judy Hark­ness, Ma­ri­etta, Ohio A: There will, but the ques­tion is ex­actly when it will reach the­aters. In March, Pine — who is set to reprise the role of the younger James Kirk — said he had a draft of the script for the se­quel but added that no film­ing date had been set. That largely has re­volved around the avail­abil­ity of film­maker J.J. Abrams, who wanted to get his new thriller “Su­per 8” launched first.

Ini­tially, Para­mount Pic­tures hoped to have the movie in the­aters one year from now as one of the stu­dio’s big sum­mer 2012 of­fer­ings. The good news is that yes, it’s com­ing; the not-so-goo­dat-the-mo­ment news is that it will de­pend on when pro­duc­tion be­gins. Zachary Quinto, Karl Ur­ban, Zoe Sal­dana, Si­mon Pegg, An­ton Yelchin and John Cho also are slated to re­turn.

Q: I love “Par­ent­hood,” and I am hear­ing ru­mors that it may be taken off the air. Please say it isn’t so.

Gerry Dean, Lake­land, Fla. A: Since you asked, OK ... it isn’t so. For its third sea­son, the NBC com­edy-drama will re­main in the slot that closes out the Tues­day prime-time lineup. There ap­par­ently had been some talk about mov­ing it to Mon­days when the fall lineup was dis­cussed, but in the end, the net­work elected to leave the show where it’s been.

Q: What hap­pened to the pro­fes­sional dancer named Edyta who was on “Dancing With the Stars”? She hasn’t been on the show for the past two years.

Q: What has hap­pened to “The De­fend­ers”? I hope it has not been can­celed.

Christine Bell, Buf­falo, N.Y. A: Tech­ni­cally, it’s the past two sea­sons (both of which were within the same tele­vi­sion sea­son) of the ABC show that Edyta Sli­win­ska was miss­ing from. Af­ter the 10th sea­son, she wrote on her Face­book page that she wanted to fin­ish school and be­gin a fam­ily with her hus­band, fel­low dancer Alec Mazo ... also a “Dancing With the Stars” vet­eran. Thus, she’s been ab­sent from the pro­gram in re­cent times. Sophia Vil­lalba, Lan­caster, Calif. A: Sorry, but your hope has not been re­warded. Though many view­ers who liked the show have writ­ten us about its where­abouts, there weren’t enough peo­ple watch­ing it to save it. The Jim Belushi-Jerry O’Con­nell lawyer show won’t be re­turn­ing to the CBS lineup next sea­son ... and we can’t say it comes as a sur­prise, con­sid­er­ing how long it was ab­sent from the net­work’s lineup in re­cent months.

Q: Do you know why some of to­day’s sit­coms, such as “Mod­ern Fam­ily,” are filmed mi­nus laugh tracks?

Peter Le­bow, Mil­wau­kee A: It’s a cre­ative choice by the given show’s pro­duc­ers and net­work. We’d ven­ture to say that in the case of ABC’s “Mod­ern Fam­ily,” most (if not all) of the show’s fans deem it un­nec­es­sary ... and, in fact, would be likely to find it ob­tru­sive.

Q: Will Paget Brewster be back in fu­ture episodes of “Crim­i­nal Minds”?

Pat Per­ille, Al­go­nquin, Ill. A: She will. Brewster had made a com­edy pilot for NBC, ‘My Life as an Ex­per­i­ment,‘ which ul­ti­mately wasn’t picked up. That left her free to go back to CBS as Be­hav­ioral Anal­y­sis Unit mem­ber Emily Pren­tiss on ‘Crim­i­nal Minds,‘ if all the nec­es­sary par­ties were amenable to her re­turn there. They were, and over the Me­mo­rial Day hol­i­day week­end, it was an­nounced that Brewster will re­turn to the mys­tery se­ries’ cast come fall.

Q: Why is Dave Ram­sey no longer on Fox Busi­ness Net­work?

Mau­rene Miller, Stu­art. Fla. A: The net­work can­celed the pay-cash-only-fa­vor­ing fi­nan­cial ex­pert’s pro­gram last June, then gave the week­night prime-time hour he’d had to ex-trader Eric Bolling, who had ap­peared on ri­val busi­ness net­work CNBC pre­vi­ously. Ram­sey’s con­tract with Fox News ex­pired later in 2010.

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