Why Olivia Wilde re­turned to cast of ‘House’


Q: At the be­gin­ning of “House” last sea­son, Am­ber Tam­blyn was on, then Olivia Wilde was back on. Can you ex­plain?

Q: Has “Detroit 1-8-7” been re­newed for the fall lineup?

An­thony San­zone, Day­tona Beach, Fla. A: It hasn’t. It was one sea­son and out for the ABC po­lice drama that starred Michael Im­pe­ri­oli and James McDaniel. What re­ally sealed the show’s fate was how much higher the rat­ings were in the same Tues­day slot for Dana De­lany’s “Body of Proof,” which will re­tain that hour in the 2011-12 sched­ule.

Q: I watch “Las Ve­gas” on TNT dur­ing the day. It got to the episode where Delinda went into la­bor, then it started back at the

James Neal, Fountain Val­ley, Calif. A: Eas­ily. Wilde took a leave of ab­sence from the Fox show to make some movies — in­clud­ing this sum­mer’s “Cow­boys & Aliens” with Daniel Craig and Har­ri­son Ford — so Tam­blyn was brought into “House” in the in­terim. When Wilde was able to re­turn to the se­ries full time, Tam­blyn de­parted. be­gin­ning of the first sea­son. Why, and will the fol­low­ing episodes ever be shown?

Amanda Clark, Hart­selle, Ala. A: There were no fol­low­ing episodes, which should ex­plain why the show’s re­peats went back to the very first episode at that point. For a while af­ter the se­ries ended in 2008, there had been some hope that a TV movie (or sev­eral) might be made to wrap up the loose ends that had been left, but that never came to pass.

Q: In the list of shows re­turn­ing to cable, I did not find “Dex­ter.” What’s Show­time say­ing?

Fran Lewis, Seat­tle A: We can’t speak for the net­work, but we’d pre­sume they would be say­ing, “Wait un­til fall.” That’s when the show typ­i­cally starts its sea­son, and lots of cast­ing al­ready is in place for the up­com­ing sixth sea­son. Ed­ward James Ol­mos, Colin Hanks (Tom’s son) and Mos — for­merly known as Mos Def — all have signed up for ma­jor roles.

Bette Haines, Grove City, Ohio A: “Was” is the op­er­a­tive

Q: What hap­pened to the se­ries “Lie to Me”? It was my fa­vorite. word there. The Tim Roth-Kelli Wil­liams show was one of those given a pink slip when Fox did a rea­son­ably ag­gres­sive re­vi­sion of its lineup for the up­com­ing sea­son.

Q: Can you please tell me when ABC’s “Off the Map” will re­turn?

Char­lie Tipp, Prov­i­dence, R.I. A: Um ... never. De­spite the am­ple pro­mo­tion ABC gave the show, and the fact that it was from one of the net­work’s top pro­duc­ers — Shonda Rhimes (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “Pri­vate Prac­tice”) — the show never de­vel­oped the hoped-for fol­low­ing. The cost of mak­ing it also was sig­nif­i­cant, since it was filmed in Hawaii. ABC still has hopes of an­other hit from Rhimes; it has or­dered her show “Scan­dal,” about a pub­lic re­la­tions ex­pert in cri­sis man­age­ment (played by Kerry Wash­ing­ton), for mid­sea­son.

Q: With all the TV shows and se­ries I see in ev­ery store and on­line, why have they not re­leased a DVD of the se­ries “Flamingo Road”?

Elaine Rob­bins, New Hyde Park, N.Y. A: Though that hadn’t oc­curred as of this writ­ing, the odds of it hap­pen­ing could be bet­ter than any­one might think. That two- sea­son NBC se­ries from the early 1980s — which in­cluded Mark Har­mon and Mor­gan Fairchild in its cast — was pro­duced by Lori­mar, whose prod­uct was ac­quired by Warner Bros.

A num­ber of those shows and TV movies, which might not have been given gen­eral com­mer­cial re­leases, have been made avail­able as part of the Warner Archive di­rect-or­der ini­tia­tive (www.wb­shop.com). We’d sug­gest check­ing there from time to time, since that would seem to be the best chance of that show ever get­ting a DVD re­lease.

Q: My hus­band and I like the show “Psych,” and we’re won­der­ing if it will be back for an­other sea­son.

Su­san Guelden­zopf, Den­ver A: It will, but not un­til fall. That’s as spe­cific as USA Net­work has got­ten so far about when sea­son six of the James Ro­day-Dule Hill com­edy-mys­tery will be­gin. The se­ries typ­i­cally has started up anew each sum­mer, but USA has some new shows to ac­com­mo­date this time, in­clud­ing “Nec­es­sary Rough­ness” and “Suits.”

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Olivia Wilde took a leave from “House” to take movie roles.

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