Who fell into ‘Trap’ with Lind­say Lo­han?


Q: Both ver­sions of the movie “The Par­ent Trap” have been show­ing a lot lately. Is the ac­tress who plays the fi­ancee in the orig­i­nal ver­sion with Hay­ley Mills the same ac­tress who plays the mother of the fi­ancee in the ver­sion with Lind­say Lo­han?

Lucy Hull, Del­ray Beach, Fla. A: Wow ... we are im­pressed! Yes, it is ac­tress Joanna Barnes in both cases. In fact, both char­ac­ters had the same first name, though it was spelled “Vicky” the first time and “Vicki” the sec­ond.

Q: Can you tell me if “Doc Martin” will be back with ei­ther re­runs or new episodes?

Ca­role Sacks, Glen Burnie, Md. A: Since the Bri­tish-made se­ries star­ring Martin Clunes is shown in Amer­ica by PBS sta­tions on an in­di­vid­ual ba­sis, you’d have to con­tact the spe­cific lo­cal af­fil­i­ate in ques­tion to find out what their plans for the show might be.

Q: When a sit­com is shown in syn­di­ca­tion, how does the net­work de­ter­mine the se­quence of episodes? Shouldn’t these episodes be shown in chrono­log­i­cal or­der?

Sal Cata­nia Gar­den City, N.Y. A: Ours is not to rea­son what “should” be done, but to re­port what ac­tu­ally is done. Syn­di­ca­tion can be a com­pli­cated game, since the or­der is de­ter­mined by (or for) what­ever tele­vi­sion out­let is pre­sent­ing the episodes. Take “How I Met Your Mother,” for in­stance. In­di­vid­ual sta­tions that buy it from 20th Cen­tury Fox Tele­vi­sion gen­er­ally are fed, by satel­lite, the week­day re­runs in what­ever se­quence the stu­dio wants them to air. Life­time also runs the re­peats, sev­eral times a day ... and though they were shown se­quen­tially when the net­work first ac­quired the show, it pretty much runs them in what­ever or­der it wants now. That likely is to add some va­ri­ety for reg­u­lar view­ers, since with four week­day show­ings of “Mother,” Life­time goes through the ex­ist­ing episodes faster than a lo­cal sta­tion would.

Q: What has hap­pened to Lara Spencer and Chris Jacobs of “The In­sider”?

Matt Dixon Belle­vue, Wash. A: Af­ter Nancy O’Dell was given the job as suc­ces­sor to Mary Hart as co-host of “En­ter­tain­ment Tonight,” which largely was ex­pected to go to Spencer, the lat­ter was of­fered the op­por­tu­nity to re­turn to ABC’s “Good Morn­ing Amer­ica” as a life­style correspon- dent. The net­work is mak­ing good use of its in­vest­ment, since from what we’ve ob­served in re­cent weeks, Spencer has been on the week­day pro­gram a lot. Brooke An­der­son, for­merly of HLN’s “Show­biz Tonight,” re­placed her on “The In­sider.” As for Jacobs, he ba­si­cally switched places with Kevin Fra­zier ear­lier this year. Fra­zier left “En­ter­tain­ment Tonight” to be­come co­host of “The In­sider” — which, like “ET,” is pro­duced by CBS Tele­vi­sion Dis­tri­bu­tion — while Jacobs moved over to “ET” as a cor­re­spon­dent.

Q: In Novem­ber 1997, ABC aired a two-part minis­eries ti­tled “Me­dusa’s Child.” Is it pos­si­ble to get a DVD of it? Jane Horn­berger,

Ham­burg, Pa. A: Based on a novel by avi­a­tion ex­pert and ABC News con­trib­u­tor John J. Nance, the melo­drama — which fea­tured Vin­cent Spano, Lori Lough­lin and (in what now seems like a warm-up for “The West Wing”) Martin Sheen as the U.S. pres­i­dent, and was about a “smart” bomb that might ex­plode aboard a cargo plane as a hur­ri­cane bore down — is not avail­able on DVD as an of­fi­cially sanc­tioned com­mer­cial re­lease. If you see copies be­ing sold on the In­ter­net, beware; they likely were recorded off tele­vi­sion show­ings.

Q: What is the name of the lady who played Louise Tate on “Be­witched”? Is she still alive? Is Alan Young the sole sur­viv­ing cast mem­ber of “Mis­ter Ed”? And what is the name of the lady who played the colonel’s wife on “Mis­ter Ed”?

Patty Heitz­man, Port St. Lu­cie, Fla. A: Kasey Rogers, who played Louise Tate, died in 2006. And at this writ­ing, Young was the only sur­viv­ing mem­ber of the prin­ci­pal “Mis­ter Ed” cast — en­com­pass­ing Florence MacMichael, who por­trayed Win­nie Kirk­wood, wife of the afore­men­tioned mil­i­tary vet­eran char­ac­ter (Leon Ames).

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