AMC minis­eries ‘The Killing’ gets a sec­ond sea­son


Q: At the be­gin­ning of 2011, AMC’s “The Killing” was ad­ver­tised as a 13-episode minis­eries. Is it con­tin­u­ing into the fall, or is it over?

Sally Pow­ell, Colum­bus, Ohio A: It’s con­tin­u­ing, which surely will come as good news to those fol­low­ers who know the drama’s cen­tral crime re­mains to be solved. Though the show — with a much-praised cast in­clud­ing Mireille Enos as the lead de­tec­tive prob­ing the ti­tle mur­der — ini­tially was in­tended as a sin­gle-sea­son of­fer­ing, AMC’s an­nounce­ment of the re­newal came shortly be­fore the first-year fi­nale was pre­sented last month. A def­i­nite start date hasn’t been con­firmed for sea­son two, but next spring seems likely.

Q: On “Law & Or­der: LA,” De­tec­tive Rex Win­ters — played by Skeet Ul­rich — was killed, yet episodes listed as “new” have been air­ing, and he is still alive. Why?

Shaun Ryan, Grand Junc­tion, Colo. A: For the ben­e­fit of those who may fear they missed a story with a re­sus­ci­ta­tion de­vice from outer space, episodes Ul­rich had filmed be­fore the de­ci­sion was made to kill off his char­ac­ter hadn’t aired yet when the “re­boot” was launched in April. Af­ter all of the later episodes had been shown, NBC de­cided to back up and get some use out of the pre­vi­ously un­seen Ul­rich sto­ries. At this point, all the ex­ist­ing episodes of the now-can­celed “LA” have been broad­cast.

Q: What ever hap­pened to the show “My Boys”? Could you tell me if or when it will re­turn?

Bob Sten­gel, Hy­poluxo, Fla. A: It won’t. Last fall, af­ter four sea­sons, TBS de­cided not to con­tinue the sit­com about a sports­writer — played by Jor­dana Spiro — and her close male bud­dies. There was some irony in that out­come for Spiro, since her con­trac­tual obli­ga­tions to “My Boys” had forced her to pass up a con­tin­u­ing role in “Love Bites,” which NBC has been air­ing this sum­mer. Ul­ti­mately, she wouldn’t have had a very long run with that show any­way.

Q: Will “Dam­ages” be shown on any other cable or satel­lite sys­tems?

Barb Gen­gler, Wauwatosa, Wis.

A: Not for the time be­ing, at least. One of the big­gest ap­peals for DirecTV in com­mis­sion­ing a fourth sea­son of the for­mer FX se­ries star­ring Glenn Close was the fact that it now has ex­clu­sive rights to it ... even the ear­lier “Dam­ages” sea­sons, which were re­peated by DirecTV be­fore the new one be­gan.

As we’ve men­tioned here be­fore, “Dam­ages” fans who don’t have that satel­lite sys­tem aren’t com­pletely out of luck, though it will take a lit­tle while. Sony Pic­tures Home En­ter­tain­ment is all but cer­tain to re­lease the fourth sea­son of the show on DVD, as it has with the pre­ced­ing sea­sons. How­ever, that won’t hap­pen un­til at least sev­eral months af­ter the ini­tial Direc­tTV run has ended.

Q: Is the ac­tor who plays Tom Sel­leck’s youngest son on “Blue Bloods” the same ac­tor who played Jeremy on “Army Wives”?

Patty Arendt, Fort Pierce, Fla. A: No. Will Estes plays Tom Sel­leck’s youngest po­lice­man off­spring on the CBS se­ries, and Richard Bryant had the role of Jeremy on the Life­time mil­i­tary drama.

Q: I would like to know what hap­pened to Wil­liam Shat­ner’s show “$..! My Dad Says.”

Rene War­ren, East Nor­wich, N.Y.

A: De­spite the high hopes CBS had for the Twit­ter-in­spired sit­com, it was can­celed af­ter one sea­son. That sea­son for the show ended rel­a­tively early, too, which usu­ally isn’t a good prog­no­sis for a se­ries get­ting a re­newal.

Q: Paul New­man was my fa­vorite ac­tor, and I know his fam­ily car­ries on his New­man’s Own prod­ucts, with the money go­ing to char­ity. Has his wife, Joanne Wood­ward, re­tired from acting?

Patty McGee, Cen­ten­nial, Colo. A: It would ap­pear so, though as the 2005 HBO minis­eries “Em­pire Falls” (which also fea­tured her hus­band) in­di­cated, it’s pos­si­ble that the Os­car win­ner for 1957’s “The Three Faces of Eve” could be lured back be­fore the cam­eras with the right pro­ject and role. Even with­out acting, Wood­ward has not been in­ac­tive lately; she long has been piv­otal in the op­er­a­tion of Connecticut’s West­port Coun­try Play­house, and among the or­ga­ni­za­tions she’s in­volved with is the En­vi­ron­men­tal De­fense Fund.

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Mireille Enos plays Seat­tle homi­cide de­tec­tive Sarah Lin­den in the AMC minis­eries “The Killing.”

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