In­ves­ti­gat­ing one of the ‘CSI: NY’ sleuths


Q: What can you tell me about Carmine Giov­inazzo of “CSI: NY”? Is he mar­ried? Is he from New York? (He cer­tainly sounds like it.) Has he ever done any­thing be­sides “CSI: NY”?

Laura Doe­nias, Fresh Mead­ows, N.Y. A: Giov­inazzo has a fa­mous spouse, Vanessa Mar­cil Giov­inazzo ... alias Brenda on the ABC day­time se­rial “Gen­eral Hos­pi­tal.” They wed last July. The ac­tor is in­deed a New York na­tive, hav­ing been born and raised on Staten Is­land. As with most ac­tors who land se­ries roles, yes, he did a num­ber of other projects be­fore get­ting the part of De­tec­tive Danny Messer, with which he goes into Sea­son 8 this fall on CBS.

In fact, Giov­inazzo has a notable first and a notable last among his cred­its. He played the first vic­tim in the tele­vi­sion ver­sion of “Buffy the Vam­pire Slayer,” and he por­trayed the last vic­tim in the re­cently de­ceased Peter Falk’s se­ries of “Columbo” TV movies (specif­i­cally, in “Columbo Likes the Nightlife”). Giov­inazzo also was in the cast of the now-de­funct UPN’s some­what in­fa­mous se­ries “Shasta McNasty,” and his fea­ture film cred­its in­clude “Black Hawk Down” and “For Love of the Game.”

In­ci­den­tally, be­fore get­ting “CSI: NY,” Giov­inazzo guest starred on the par­ent “CSI: Crime Scene In­ves­ti­ga­tion” as a street racer by the name of Thumpy G, so the fran­chise’s chiefs clearly felt the ac­tor played ef­fec­tively on ei­ther side of the law. Also, Giov­inazzo wrote an episode for the sixth sea­son of “CSI: NY.”

Q: “Army Wives” on Life­time seemed to be over sooner this year than it was in pre­vi­ous sea­sons. Can you tell me when this past sea­son started and ended?

Q: I have en­joyed watch­ing “HawthoRNe” and have en­joyed Suleka Mathew’s char­ac­ter, Bob­bie. Is she a para­plegic?

Karl Orth, Aurora, Colo. A: We as­sume you’re ask­ing if the ac­tress is, and the an­swer

Judy Voll­rath, Racine, Wis. A: It be­gan March 6 and ended June 12, en­com­pass­ing 13 episodes ... which, you’re cor­rect, was shorter than pre­vi­ous sea­sons that av­er­aged just un­der 20 episodes. The best ad­vice is sim­ply to en­joy it for as much as there is of it, since next year, the show’s sixth and fi­nal sea­son also will be 13 episodes long. is no. Bob­bie’s pros­thetic leg is for dra­matic pur­poses as part of the char­ac­ter’s back story on the TNT med­i­cal drama.

Q: ABC had a show called “Prime­time: What Would You Do?” and it just dis­ap­peared off the net­work. Will it be back, or was it can­celed?

Chris Dick, Elkridge, Md. A: You might have hit a cou­ple of weeks when it wasn’t on, but the se­ries has been part of ABC’s Fri­day night lineup this sum­mer. Not only does it get solid rat­ings for the net­work, it con­stantly gives host John Quinones talk­ing points for other ABC News broad­casts when he ap­pears on them to pro­mote his show.

Q: Is there a movie or se­quel se­ries of “The Wire” in the works? Mary Jane Noack,

LaCrosse, Wis. A: For all the ac­claim the se­ries re­ceived dur­ing its HBO run — even from Pres­i­dent Barack Obama, who has called it his fa­vorite show — noth­ing has been con­firmed about any fu­ture in­stall­ments for ei­ther tele­vi­sion or the movie screen. The ex­ist­ing five sea­sons of the drama have had af­ter­lives on both BET and DirecTV.

Q: Are new episodes of “Heart­land” com­ing to CBS? This horse ranch se­ries leaves out the vul­gar­ity and tones down the vi­o­lence.

Roger Brown, Con­cho, Ariz. A: We suspect you may have hit a key by ac­ci­dent, since the show isn’t on CBS. How­ever, it does air on CBC Tele­vi­sion in Canada, which has re­newed it for a fifth sea­son. In the United States, the se­ries is shown on GMC, which used to be known as Gospel Mu­sic Chan­nel and uses “Up­lift­ing En­ter­tain­ment” as its credo ... at­test­ing to the fam­ily-friendly na­ture of “Heart­land.”

Q: What hap­pened to Martha Mac­Cal­lum on Fox News Chan­nel with Bill Hem­mer in the morn­ing?

Jim Weiss, Fort Atkin­son, Wis. A: She’s still very much on the net­work. Lately, she has been sub­sti­tut­ing for “Amer­ica Live” host Megyn Kelly, who is on ma­ter­nity leave, but she should be back with Hem­mer on “Amer­ica’s News­room” when that stint ends.

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Suleka Mathew plays a para­plegic on “HawthoRNe.”

Carmine Giov­inazzo stars in “CSI: NY.”

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