1) What was the first name of As­sis­tant Di­rec­tor Skin­ner (Mitch Pi­leggi) on the 19932002 Fox hit “The X-Files”?

2) For only a month in 1997, this pop­u­lar ac­tress spent her “days and nights” play­ing U.S. At­tor­ney Erica Stan­ton in the CBS le­gal drama “Feds.” Can you name her?

3) Who played In­spec­tor Lewis Ersk­ine in ABC’s 196576 hit “The FBI”?

4) The long-run­ning “Amer­ica’s Most Wanted: Amer­ica Fights Back” was a suc­cess­ful descen­dant of what 1936-57 ra­dio pro­gram that also aired briefly in 1952 on NBC?

5) “Michael Hayes” starred what for­mer “NYPD Blue” star as the ti­tle char­ac­ter, an act­ing U.S. at­tor­ney?

6) Jeff Fa­hey starred as Deputy U.S. Mar­shal Win­ston MacBride in what crit­i­cally ac­claimed but short-lived 1995-96 drama se­ries?

7) Mike Con­nors starred in ABC’s 1981-82 “To­day’s FBI,” but he ear­lier gained fame as what tele­vi­sion de­tec­tive?

8) Lisa Ann Wal­ter played as­sis­tant state’s at­tor­ney Lisa Hunter in “Life’s Work.” In what city was this 1996-97 ABC sit­com set?

9) On what 1996-2000 NBC se­ries did you find Dr. Sa­man­tha “Sam” Wa­ters of the Vi­o­lent Crimes Task Force?

10) Which cast mem­ber of “The West Wing” had a re­cur­ring role as Fed­eral Agent Stevens on “Roswell”?

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