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1) What two roles did An­drea Parker play on “The Pre­tender”?

2) Which of the iden­ti­cal cousins on “The Patty Duke Show” was English? 3) Who was Pan­dora Spocks? 4) Long be­fore be­com­ing an Os­carnom­i­nated movie ac­tress, Ju­lianne Moore played twin beau­ties Fran­nie and Sab­rina Hughes on what lon­grun­ning day­time soap opera?

5) On “The Bev­erly Hill­bil­lies,” Max Baer Jr. played both Jethro Bo­dine and his twin sis­ter. What was her name?

6) What was the name of the ti­tle char­ac­ter’s wicked twin sis­ter on “I Dream of Jean­nie”?

7) On what kinky cult thriller would you find Sh­eryl Lee play­ing both vis­it­ing stu­dent Madeleine Fer­gu­son and her de­ceased cousin, Laura Palmer?

8) Which of the three male “Friends” stars pulled dou­ble duty in an episode, play­ing both his usual char­ac­ter and a new guy his ex was dat­ing?

9) Which “Just Shoot Me” star played twin colum­nists Ann Lan­ders and Abi­gail Van Buren in a Life­time movie?

10) What fu­ture Os­car win­ner played both a man and his fe­male al­ter ego in the cult sit­com hit “Bo­som Bud­dies”?

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