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1) “Taken,” a 2002 minis­eries about alien ab­duc­tions, wasn’t the first such out­ing for star Eric Close (“Nashville”). Can you name the creepy 1996-97 se­ries about a loom­ing alien in­va­sion in which Close starred?

2) In “The X-Files,” what was the name of Fox Mul­der’s sis­ter, who was be­lieved kid­napped by ex­trater­res­tri­als?

3) A 1962 “Twi­light Zone” episode fea­tured aliens whose ap­par­ently be­nign in­ten­tions seemed to be borne out by a book they had, ti­tled “To Serve Man.” What did the vol­ume turn out to be, how­ever?

4) Who played au­thor Whit­ley Strieber in the 1989 film ver­sion of Strieber’s best-sell­ing book about alien ab­duc­tions, “Com­mu­nion”?

5) What light­hearted 200102 ca­ble se­ries starred Rena Sofer as Grace Hall, a tabloid re­porter ab­ducted by aliens on a reg­u­lar ba­sis?

6) James Earl Jones and what Os­car-win­ning ac­tress starred as Bar­ney and Betty Hill in “The UFO In­ci­dent,” a 1975 TV movie al­legedly based on a true 1961 event?

7) Best known for her Em­my­win­ning per­for­mance as Lurleen Wal­lace in “Ge­orge Wal­lace,” this ac­tress played an alien ab­ductee in 1992’s “In­trud­ers.” Name her.

8) What long-run­ning sit­com fea­tures re­cur­ring guest aliens named Ko­dos and Kang?

9) In a bizarre cliffhanger episode, what char­ac­ter in the night­time soap “The Col­bys” was ab­ducted by aliens?

10) Which “Soap” char­ac­ter was ab­ducted and cloned by ex­trater­res­tri­als?

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