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1) What pop­u­lar but con­tro­ver­sial comic hosted the pre­miere of “Satur­day Night Live” on Oct. 11, 1975?

2) Dur­ing the early years of “SNL,” what was the en­sem­ble cast called?

3) In a long-run­ning sketch, which “SNL” cast reg­u­lar played the Land Shark, who preyed on un­wary apart­ment dwellers?

4) On a very fa­mous episode of “Satur­day Night Live,” Dan Aykroyd im­per­son­ated what beloved TV chef?

5) Which “SNL” cast mem­ber gained no­to­ri­ety in the 1980-81 sea­son by drop­ping an F-bomb in a sketch?

6) In one re­cur­ring sketch, what were the sand­wich and soft drink of choice at the Olympia Diner, the Greek eatery where Aykroyd and John Belushi worked?

7) Can you name the ma­tronly and hard-of­hear­ing “Week­end Up­date” com­men­ta­tor who had writ­ten a book about “itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny” things?

8) Nora Dunn, who played va­pid talk show host Pat Stevens, left “SNL” in 1990 af­ter boy­cotting an episode hosted by what con­tro­ver­sial comic?

9) Who was the nev­erseen “Mr. Richard Feder,” and where did he live?

10) Jane Curtin, a mem­ber of the “SNL” cast from 1975 to 1980, later went on to win two Em­mys as one of the stars of what hit CBS sit­com?

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