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1) Which “Friends” cast mem­ber would love to for­get ap­pear­ing in the 1993 hor­ror film “Lep­rechaun”?

2) What pop­u­lar chil­dren’s break­fast ce­real has a lively lep­rechaun for its mas­cot?

3) Out of all the ac­tors who have played James Bond, which of them played dash­ing Michael McBride in the Walt Dis­ney fan­tasy “Darby O’Gill and the Lit­tle Peo­ple”?

4) “Law & Or­der: Spe­cial Vic­tims Unit” cast mem­ber Ice-T starred in “Lep­rechaun in the Hood,” yet an­other en­try in the same in­ex­pli­ca­bly pop­u­lar hor­ror movie se­ries. What num­ber in the se­ries was it?

5) What comic ac­tress with a fond­ness for gen­der-neu­tral roles played the Grand Ban­shee in NBC’s “The Mag­i­cal Le­gend of the Leprechauns”?

6) Ryan Mer­ri­man, who played a teenager turn­ing into a lep­rechaun in the Dis­ney Chan­nel movie “Luck of the Ir­ish,” played young Jarod Rus­sell on what NBC cult hit?

7) Don Francks of TV’s “La Femme Nikita” starred with what song-and-dance le­gend in the movie ver­sion of “Finian’s Rain­bow”?

8) Ac­cord­ing to a fa­mous num­ber sung by the lep­rechaun Og in the same mu­si­cal, what hap­pens “When I’m Not Near the Girl I Love”?

9) In a car­toon called “The Wear­ing of the Grin,” two leprechauns sus­pected what stut­ter­ing and chubby Warner Bros. char­ac­ter of try­ing to steal their pot of gold?

10) What lovable char­ac­ter ac­tor played the lep­rechaun Ho­race in 1948’s “The Luck of the Ir­ish”?

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