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1) Al­though she may be best known as “Lassie’s mom” for her role on that vin­tage fam­ily se­ries, June Lock­hart also played a fa­mous TV mom in what 1960s sci-fi se­ries?

2) “Mama,” a ’50s TV adap­ta­tion of the hit play and movie “I Re­mem­ber Mama,” starred what ac­tress from the movie “The Sound of Mu­sic” in the ti­tle role of “Mama” Marta Hansen?

3) Name the driven TV ca­reer gal who be­came a sin­gle mother in 1992 and was de­nounced by then-Vice Pres­i­dent Dan Quayle for set­ting a poor moral ex­am­ple.

4) What three well-known ac­tresses have re­cur­ring roles on “Friends” as the mothers of Phoebe, Rachel and Chan­dler?

5) How many chil­dren did “Mrs. C.” have on the sit­com “Happy Days”?

6) Inat­ten­tive TV mom Har­ri­ette Winslow didn’t seem to no­tice when her ado­les­cent daugh­ter Judy dis­ap­peared with­out ex­pla­na­tion from what hit ABC sit­com?

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