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1) Judi Dench won an Os­car as best sup­port­ing ac­tress for play­ing what fa­mous monarch in “Shake­speare in Love”?

2) Who played Eleanor of Aquitaine and King Henry II in the 1968 fea­ture film “The Lion in Win­ter”?

3) Only the pre­vi­ous year, Dench was nom­i­nated in the best ac­tress Os­car cat­e­gory for her work in the ti­tle role of “Mrs. Brown.” Which Bri­tish monarch did she por­tray in that film?

4) What two-time Os­car win­ner won an Emmy for her tour de force por­trayal of El­iz­a­beth I in the 1971 PBS minis­eries “El­iz­a­beth R”?

5) On “Dy­nasty,” which mem­ber of the Car­ring­ton clan nearly was killed, along with sev­eral oth­ers in her fam­ily, at her wed­ding to Prince Michael of Mol­davia?

6) Whoopi Gold­berg and Vic­tor Gar­ber made an un­likely royal cou­ple in a 1997 ABC re­make of what Rodgers and Ham­mer­stein mu­si­cal?

7) Pre­vi­ously cast in the short-lived 1999 Fox dram- edy “Get Real,” what win­some beauty went on to win an Os­car for her per­for­mance in “Les Mis­er­ables”?

8) Mi­randa Richard­son had a (cro­quet) ball play­ing what short-tem­pered monarch in NBC’s lav­ish 1999 “Alice in Won­der­land”?

9) This movie le­gend was so well known that peo­ple called him sim­ply “The Duke.” Can you name him?

10) On what CBS sit­com hit did you find a char­ac­ter named Doug Hef­fer­nan?

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