Strictly Diesel Power Stroke oil pan fix

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Some­times, it’s the lit­tle things that cause big prob­lems. Some of these lit­tle prob­lems that can be a big pain in the ass stem from nor­mal wear and tear; oth­ers stem from a weak or poor de­sign from the fac­tory. The dip­stick hous­ing on a 7.3L Power Stroke is a prime ex­am­ple. Over time, it’s not un­com­mon for the fac­tory oil pan dip­stick adapter to start leak­ing. Ac­cord­ing to Ford ex­perts at Strictly Diesel, of Phoenix, Ari­zona, the stock adapter in­stalls from the in­side (with the oil pan off) and is sealed with a sin­gle in­ter­nal O-ring. It’s very com­mon for this O-ring to de­velop a leak as time goes by. This prob­lem can be fixed with fac­tory parts, but you have to be care­ful not to drop the in­ter­nal piece down in the pan while re­cov­er­ing the old O-ring and in­stalling the new one. Then, you have to cross your fin­gers that the fac­tory in­ter­nal piece is not de­formed— in which case, it will all have been for noth­ing—be­cause it will still leak. If things are re­ally jacked up, out comes the mo­tor from the truck, and off comes the oil pan. At nearly 20-plus la­bor hours, this is not a cheap fix. Strictly Diesel deals with a lot of 7.3L diesels, so its crew has seen it all. “If the fac­tory dip­stick adapter has leaked for some time, it’s pretty com­mon to find that some­one has at­tempted to fix it. We’ve seen ev­ery­thing from sil­i­cone or other sealants to JB Weld,” says Strictly Diesel co-owner Den­nis Schroeder. “And if the nut was over­tight­ened in an at­tempt to stop the leak, the in­side piece will be de­formed, and the O-ring will make even less con­tact with the pan.” To fix this com­mon leak with­out the high la­bor costs, Strictly Diesel of­fers its 7.3L Oil Pan Dip­stick Adapter Re­pair Kit. The kit fea­tures a bil­let-alu­minum adapter hous­ing with a dou­ble O-ring seal. It in­stalls from the out­side of the oil pan with­out en­gine re­moval. Best of all, the kit can eas­ily be re­moved, re­sealed and re­in­stalled with no spe­cial tools re­quired, other than an inch/pound torque wrench. The kit will fit 1994-2003 7.3L-equipped pick­ups, vans and Ex­cur­sions. The hard­est part of the in­stall is ac­cess­ing the fac­tory adapter by re­mov­ing the starter—and also re­mov­ing the fac­tory adapter if some of the more “ex­otic” shade tree seal­ing meth­ods have been at­tempted. Ad­di­tion­ally, it’s a good time to do an oil change on the truck and drain the oil pan. The rest of the in­stall is a sim­ple R&R process, which we have high­lighted in the fol­low­ing pho­tos. If you own a 7.3L Power Stroke and have been stymied with an oil leak at the dip­stick adapter, the Strictly Diesel Dip­stick Adapter Re­pair Kit is worth look­ing into—so you can put away the JB Weld and sil­i­cone sealer. UDBG

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