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One Young Man’s Slick 1st Gen Dodge D250

Eigh­teen-year-old Tan­ner Hunts­man is not your typ­i­cal teenager who is more con­cerned with his cell phone than the car or truck he drives. The young­ster from Galion, Ohio, is a stu­dent while work­ing part time at Kokos­ing Con­struc­tion Com­pany. He is also a gear­head who would rather turn wrenches on his truck than bum a ride from friends. His first car was a Toy­ota Camry that he bought from his aunt when he was 15. Hunts­man wasn't sat­is­fied with the se­date sedan so he started sav­ing his money and went on the hunt for a truck. He didn't want just any truck though; he wanted to find a 1st Gen Cum­mins Dodge D250.

Af­ter some search­ing on­line he found a com­pletely stock one-owner farm truck in Utah and ar­ranged to pur­chase the 1993 Dodge D250 and bring it back to Ohio, where it un­der­went a six-month trans­for­ma­tion into the truck you see here. Iron­i­cally, the truck is five years older than Hunts­man. It was in pretty good shape but he wanted more than just good, so he, his dad Scott Hunts­man, un­cle Jeremy Eich­ler and friend Steve Cot­ter went to work restor­ing and re­build­ing the truck.

They started with the chas­sis, strip­ping over 20 years’ worth of road grime and farm muck from the frame, axles, sus­pen­sion and driv­e­line. Then once every­thing was clean and ready for paint they ap­plied POR 15 to the sur­faces for a clean semi-gloss fin­ish that would hold up to many more years of use and abuse in the rugged Ohio cli­mate. The gears were left stock in the Dana 60 front and Dana 70 rear axles, but Hunts­man and his helpers re­fur­bished the sus­pen­sion com­po­nents be­fore re­assem­bling the chas­sis.

To smooth out the ride and con­trol the truck over any rough ter­rain he opted to in­stall Sky­jacker shocks on all four cor­ners with black boots on the white shocks. The rear springs were left stock but a few ad­di­tional leafs were in­stalled up front to give the truck a 3-inch lift and level out the stance. Then to give the truck some mod­ern flair, Hunts­man in­stalled a set of highly pol­ished 20x12-inch Amer­i­can Force In­de­pen­dence SS8 wheels wrapped with LT305/55R20 Mickey Thomp­son Baja MTZ p3 tires.

Since the 12-valve Cum­mins un­der the hood ran well and drove great, Hunts­man did not do much to it—for now. He im­proved the fuel flow and fil­tra­tion by in­stalling a FASS Ti­ta­nium fuel pump and fil­ter sys­tem on the driver-side frame rail near the fuel tank to de­liver plenty of clean fuel to the high-pres­sure fuel pump. Then to help the en­gine ex­hale bet­ter he in­stalled a free-flow­ing 4-inch stain­less steel MBRP turbo-back ex­haust sys­tem. As his bud­get and time al­lows, Hunts­man plans to im­prove the Cum­mins’ per­for­mance with a larger turbo as well as in­jec­tors and head studs and then some pump work to wrap the pack­age up and de­liver a healthy

amount of re­li­able power from the 12-valve. Of course, he also plans to dress up the en­gine bay while he is wrench­ing un­der the hood. The Cum­mins diesel is backed by a Dodge 46RH trans­mis­sion that puts the power to the trans­fer case and out to the front and rear Dana axles.

Hunts­man didn’t do much to the in­te­rior ei­ther. It was in good shape so he sim­ply cleaned it up and added a per­for­mance au­dio up­grade to make the truck more en­joy­able to drive. He in­stalled a new Pioneer CD re­ceiver along with a 1,600-watt Pioneer amp and some Kicker speak­ers, in­clud­ing a pair of 12-inch sub­woofers to re­ally rock the house.

The crown jewel on Hunts­man’s Dodge is the stun­ning paint and body­work per­formed by Phil David­son and his team at First Im­pres­sion Col­li­sion in Colum­bus, Ohio. While the farm truck was in good over­all shape, it still had some dents and body dam­age that needed re­pair be­fore new paint could be laid on the sheet me­tal. The First Im­pres­sion team smoothed the en­tire body and in­stalled the Grant Kus­toms rear roll pan. Then they per­fectly aligned all the body pan­els and seams and laid on sev­eral coats of black and con­trast­ing bright white paint to make the clas­sic Dodge pop from any an­gle.

To blend well with the black paint on the cab roof, the lenses for the cab marker lights and the third brake light were smoked. The front park­ing lights were also smoked and Hunts­man in­stalled a set of Rigid In­dus­tries LED head­lights to light up the Ohio back­roads and high­ways. The new lights were in­stalled along with the bright chrome grille shell and front bumper with a four-piece Far From Stock grille in­sert to give the front of the truck a unique look. In the rear, the stock tail­lights were re­tained along with the fac­tory tail­gate trim. Hunts­man and Eich­ler also in­stalled the sil­ver glit­ter stripe to off­set the black and white paint and the lower body mold­ing to fin­ish off the truck. All the hard work and de­ter­mi­na­tion paid off with the Best Dodge Award on Fri­day of the 2016 Scheid Diesel Ex­trav­a­ganza.

Tan­ner Hunts­man is not your typ­i­cal teenager, and quite frankly we couldn’t be hap­pier about it. While oth­ers his age are con­tent to mooch off mom, dad and friends to get from place to place, Hunts­man saved his money to buy a diesel truck then poured more time, ef­fort and money into mak­ing it the great-look­ing truck you see here. Maybe there is hope for his gen­er­a­tion af­ter all! UDBG

Tan­ner Hunts­man’s 1993 Dodge D250 is a great-look­ing truck with flaw­less blackon-white paint and body­work that makes it and its owner stand proud, earn­ing the Best Dodge award at the 2016 Scheid Diesel Ex­trav­a­ganza.

Start­ing up front, Hunts­man’s D250 boasts a chrome bumper and grille shell that are in great shape along with a Far From Stock 4-piece grille in­sert, Rigid In­dus­tries LED head­lights and smoked run­ning lights to give the 1st Gen a unique look.

This old-school truck rolls on new-school rub­ber with LT305/55R20 Mickey Thomp­son Baja MTZ p3 tires wrapped around highly pol­ished 20x12-inch Amer­i­can Force In­de­pen­dence SS8 wheels.

With tight body seams and ex­cel­lent lines, Hunts­man’s two-tone Dodge looks great from any an­gle.

TOP LEFT: The fac­tory cab marker lights have been given the smoked treat­ment to flow well with the slick black paint on the roof of the truck. LEFT: While the Cum­mins 12-valve en­gine is com­pletely stock cur­rently, Hunts­man plans for de­tail­ing and...

The fac­tory glass was tinted by Buck­eye Sun Con­trol to help it blend in with the black paint. Also note the glit­tery sil­ver stripe that was used to break up the up­per black and white sec­tions of paint.

Mov­ing to the back of the truck, you can see the spray-in Rap­tor bed­liner that’s used to pro­tect the bed when Hunts­man has to haul any tools or equip­ment.

The fac­tory rear bumper was re­placed with a Grant Kus­toms rear roll pan to clean up the rear of the truck and help make it look more teenager than grandpa owned.

The in­te­rior is stock but very clean, with some ad­di­tions to make the teenager more com­fort­able while cruis­ing down the road, in­clud­ing a Pioneer CD re­ceiver, a pair of Kicker 12-inch subs and a Pioneer 1,600-watt amp to help them go boom.

To help the third brake light to blend in bet­ter, it was also treated to a smoked fin­ish.

The strik­ing black-and-white paint and con­tem­po­rary wheels com­bine to make this a truck that will turn heads and stand out in the sea of me-too mod­ern trucks seen at most diesel events.

From the rear, you can see the MBRP 4-inch turbo-back ex­haust ter­mi­na­tion as well as the re­freshed Dana 70 axle and Sky­jacker shocks.

Peek­ing un­der the truck, you can see the FASS Ti­ta­nium fuel pump and fil­ter sys­tem mounted to the driver-side frame rail near the fuel tank.

Look­ing down the full length of the truck you can re­ally ap­pre­ci­ate the flaw­less work de­liv­ered by Phil David­son and his team. The sil­ver glit­ter ac­cent line works great to di­vide the black and white paint sur­faces.

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