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Mean Cus­tom 1,000-horse Chevy LML

Forty-three-year-old Danny Horn is the owner of Tri-county Ter­mite and Pest Con­trol in Lo­gan, Ohio, with the need for a multi-pur­pose truck that can be used for grunt duty at work haul­ing trail­ers, sup­plies and equip­ment, as well as to en­ter­tain cor­po­rate clients and sat­isfy his crav­ings for ve­hic­u­lar power. For most peo­ple, a brand-new Chevro­let Sil­ver­ado 2500 HD with the LTZ and Z71 pack­ages would be just right—but for gear­heads like Horn you can never have too much, so he turned to the team at Wehrli Cus­tom Fabri­ca­tion in Sy­camore, Illi­nois, to put his new truck un­der the knife for some ma­jor mod­i­fi­ca­tions.

Horn dropped the truck off at Wehrli, where Ja­son Wehrli and his team wrenched on it for about four months to de­liver the mas­ter­piece seen here just be­fore the 2015 Scheid Diesel Ex­trav­a­ganza, where it made its de­but and was dis­played for all to see. The build team started with the sim­ple things and in­stalled the ProComp lift kit on the truck to give it an ad­di­tional 4 inches of height and then added to that with a set of LT295/65R20 Toyo Open Coun­try M/T tires that are wrapped around a set of blackand-chrome 20x9-inch Fuel wheels. To make sure the big tires stay pointed in the in­tended di­rec­tion they in­stalled a full Cog­nito steer­ing brace kit and re­placed the up­per con­trol arms with a Cog­nito set. To smooth out the ride they in­stalled Ran­cho shocks on all four cor­ners of the Chevy and then in­stalled a set of 60-inch WC­FAB trac­tion bars to pre­vent the leaf springs from twist­ing un­der power.

With the truck look­ing good and sit­ting tall, the team turned its at­ten­tion to the en­gine. Horn wanted to make four-digit horse­power so they knew the stock LML in­ter­nals would need to be up­graded. They yanked the en­gine out of the truck and tore it down. The fac­tory LML crank­shaft swings around a set of forged Car­rillo rods con­nected to a set of Mahle oval bowl pis­tons yield­ing a 16.5:1 com­pres­sion ra­tio. While the Wehrli crew was work­ing on the short block they sent the heads out to Pfi­ef­fer’s En­gine Spe­cial­ties in Freeport, Ill., to be ported and to re­ceive a set of So­cal Diesel valve springs.

When the heads re­turned they were re­united with the Du­ra­max block us­ing new head gas­kets and ARP head studs. The stout long block is equipped with a set of 100% over Ex­ergy in­jec­tors to de­liver plenty of fuel to each cylin­der. They also re­placed the prob­lem­atic fac­tory CP4 high-pres­sure fuel pump with a pair of Sports­man Ex­ergy CP3S us­ing a Wehrli dual CP3 kit and CP4 re­place­ment kit.

While the en­gine was be­ing up­graded the WC­FAB team went to work build­ing up the Al­li­son trans­mis­sion to be able to han­dle the in­tended power lev­els. In­side the Al­li­son they re­placed the clutches with Sun­coast/raybestos packs and up­graded to bil­let shafts in ad­di­tion to mak­ing valve body and pump mod­i­fi­ca­tions. Be­fore join­ing the re­built new en­gine to the re­built new trans­mis­sion they in­stalled a Sun­coast bil­let flex­plate on the back side of the Du­ra­max and slipped a 2,400-rpm stall bil­let Sun­coast torque con­verter into the Al­li­son.

Then they dropped the en­gine and trans­mis­sion back into the truck and went to work de­vel­op­ing their LML triple turbo kit for the new-atthe-time 2015 trucks. For air­flow, Horn chose to go with Wehrli’s S300-based triple-turbo kit that uses a trio of Engi­neered S366 turbos con­fig­ured with two at­mo­spher­ics and one high pres­sure for quick spool­ing, good driv­abil­ity and enough

air to make big power on the top end. The in­take charge is kept cool through an afe in­ter­cooler re­plac­ing the fac­tory unit. Bright metal­lic red pow­der­coat­ing adorns the com­pres­sor cov­ers as well as much of the turbo kit pip­ing and the fab­ri­cated coolant tank to dress up the en­gine bay and high­light the triple turbos. To keep the in­take charge clean, a pair of afe Pro Dry S air fil­ters is em­ployed. On the ex­haust side the mod­i­fied Du­ra­max ex­hales through a set of Pro­fab Per­for­mance cast man­i­folds with cus­tom-fab­ri­cated WC­FAB 2-inch up-pipes, then to the turbos and out through a 4-inch ex­haust sys­tem.

EFIL­IVE tun­ing from Mo­tor Ops is em­ployed to get the most per­for­mance and driv­abil­ity out of the en­gine while al­low­ing it to be used as a

daily driver and even tow heavy loads when­ever needed. The truck has been mea­sured at 1,041 horse­power and 2,030 lb-ft of torque on the chas­sis dyno to mo­ti­vate Horn’s big Chevy with ease.

The in­side of Horn’s fully loaded LTZ was left al­most com­pletely stock. With black leather seat up­hol­stery, a large sun­roof and a touch­screen en­ter­tain­ment sys­tem with nav­i­ga­tion, what more could you re­ally ask for? While the fac­tory Chevro­let gauges are more in­for­ma­tive than most, they still do not re­lay enough in­for­ma­tion to the driver of a high-per­for­mance 1,000-hp Du­ra­max, so more gauges were nec­es­sary. But rather than clut­ter­ing up the cab with a ton of in­di­vid­ual af­ter­mar­ket gauges, Horn chose to go with a sin­gle Edge Prod­ucts CTS mon­i­tor mounted near the A-pil­lar to help keep an eye on the en­gine’s vi­tals.

Few peo­ple have the courage to tear into and fully re­build a brand-new truck. For­tu­nately for us, Danny Horn is one of them, and thanks to the fine work of Ja­son Wehrli and his team at Wehrli Cus­tom Fabri­ca­tion he has been rewarded for his fear­less­ness with a stun­ning 1,000-hp daily driver that will ful­fill his wildest horse­power de­sires, as well as haul a trailer, de­liver a great night on the town, or take him off-road in the wilder­ness. If you ever hap­pen to pull up along­side a nice-look­ing black LML Sil­ver­ado, you bet­ter be care­ful as you might get ex­ter­mi­nated by this Triple Threat! UDBG

Danny Horn’s 2015 Chevro­let Sil­ver­ado 2500 HD is a great look­ing daily driver that sports a triple-turbo 1,000-hp Du­ra­max un­der the hood.

Horn’s truck is a great com­bi­na­tion of el­e­gance, so­phis­ti­ca­tion and brute force strength, with stylish looks for a night on the town and the power to blow the doors off an un­sus­pect­ing ex­otic on the way home or to bomb through of­froad trails.

Thanks to the bil­let grille in­serts and bold GM de­sign Horn’s lifted Chevy gives an im­pos­ing vis­ual im­pres­sion.

Cog­nito up­per con­trol arms work with Ran­cho shocks, Procomp spin­dles and Cog­nito steer­ing braces to give the truck room to clear the big Toyos while keep­ing it com­fort­able on the road and pointed in the right di­rec­tion.

The black and chrome 20x9-inch Fuel wheels match Horn’s Chevy per­fectly; they are wrapped in ag­gres­sive LT295/65R20 Toyo Open Coun­try M/T tires.

Be­low the cab you can see the Procomp dropped tor­sion bar mount as well as the FASS pump and fil­ter sys­tem mounted for­ward of the fuel tank.

Since Horn uses the truck as his daily driver and has to haul work sup­plies for his pest con­trol busi­ness from time to time, he had a Line-x spray-in bed liner ap­plied to pro­tect the in­side of the bed.

Horn’s Chevy has a great stance with the lift and wheel/tire com­bi­na­tion giv­ing it an ag­gres­sive look with­out go­ing so high that he couldn’t use the truck to tow.

This is the view most peo­ple will see of Horn’s 1,000-hp Du­ra­max, which looks pretty unas­sum­ing; aside from the lift and tires, it looks pretty much stock.

Like the front, the rear of the truck sports a set of Toyo Open Coun­try M/T tires wrapped around 20-inch Fuel wheels.

The LTZ is fully loaded with a sun­roof and leather in­te­rior, mak­ing this 1,000-hp mon­ster very comfy in­side.

An Edge In­sight CTS dis­play is used to aug­ment the fac­tory gauges and help Horn keep an eye on the Du­ra­max en­gine’s vi­tals.

To make it eas­ier to get into the lifted Chevy, Horn opted for a set of AMP Re­search mo­tor­ized side steps.

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