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Shelf or no shelf? It's fairly big bucks to ma­chine off the cast-in man­i­fold on a Cum­mins 24-V and make/buy a new man­i­fold. When you are grasp­ing for ev­ery horse it can reap enough re­wards to make it worth­while, but it still ain't cheap. The main gain is the abil­ity to be able to im­prove the in­take ports, par­tic­u­larly #1 and #6, which need the most help. Gavin Knisely gave us some in­for­mal num­bers of a top-qual­ity job with the shelf on and one with the shelf off. With the flow bench re­sults he pre­sented, it shows around a 21-per­cent dif­fer­ence. The main dif­fer­ence is the abil­ity to thor­oughly work over the in­take ports. The shelf it­self isn't the ma­jor flow im­ped­i­ment, though re­mov­ing it and re­plac­ing it with a cus­tom in­take is worth some flow and power. The plate shown here in front is the mount­ing flange for a new man­i­fold to be con­structed. None of the mount­ing bolt holes have been drilled and tapped at this point. Knisely also used this as a tem­plate to match the ports.

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