Ultimate Diesel Builder's Guide - - Horse Power -

Tools of the trade. The tool in­vest­ment is not huge and many of these things you may have al­ready. Hear­ing and eye pro­tec­tion tops the list. You will need lights to shine into ports. A high-speed die grinder (air or elec­tric) and an as­sort­ment of long-shaft car­bide cut­ters. Sharp ones... they wear out. A bunch of 80-120 grit car­bide rolls for the fi­nal smooth­ing, with the ar­bors to carry them. One of the more im­por­tant tools is the dig­i­tal in­ter­nal caliper—a Fowler is shown—used to make sure you get the ports di­men­sion­ally cor­rect and even with each other.

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