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We took Dorn’s truck up to Beans Diesel Per­for­mance in Wood­bury, Ten­nessee, to in­stall the South Bend clutch kit. BDP tech­ni­cian Marty Meraz han­dled the in­stal­la­tion in about eight and a half hours. An ex­pe­ri­enced DIYER— with the proper tools and equip­ment—could com­plete the clutch up­grade in a full day, ei­ther in a garage or on a flat drive­way, but work­ing on the ground will make the job a lot more dif­fi­cult. For­tu­nately, the team at Beans has mul­ti­ple truck lifts.

8 When he re­moved the pres­sure plate, Meraz no­ticed that there was some fairly sig­nif­i­cant heat build-up ev­i­dent on the fly­wheel and pres­sure plate.

7 With the trans­mis­sion se­cure, Meraz re­moves the bell hous­ing bolts with an im­pact gun and the long ex­ten­sion with a wob­ble-socket to al­low him to work at an an­gle and reach all of the mount­ing bolts. The trans­mis­sion assem­bly could then be moved back...

2 Af­ter lift­ing the truck into the air, Meraz drains the old fluid from the trans­fer case to keep it from spilling dur­ing the clutch swap.

3 Then he un­bolts the rear drive­shaft from the rear axle and car­rier-bear­ing mount be­fore re­mov­ing the shaft.

4 On the front side of the trans­fer case, Meraz un­bolts the front drive­shaft and se­cures it to the frame with a bungee cord; then he re­moves the link­age from the trans­fer case.

6 Be­fore re­mov­ing the trans­mis­sion cross­mem­ber, Meraz sup­ports the weight of the trans­mis­sion and trans­fer case with a muf­fler jack. Then he re­moves the cross­mem­ber and se­cures the trans­mis­sion assem­bly with a trans­mis­sion jack, run­ning a ratchet strap...

1 Marty Meraz starts by re­mov­ing the shifter con­sole and 4WD se­lec­tor lever be­fore re­mov­ing the G56 shift lever. No­tice the leaked trans­mis­sion fluid from the torn shift boot: we’ll ad­dress an in­ex­pen­sive re­place­ment boot later.

5 The slave cylin­der was easy to un­bolt and re­move from the driver side of the G56 trans­mis­sion.

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