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A stun­ning Ram built to turn heads and tra­verse miles

As the owner of Di­a­mond Eye Man­u­fac­tur­ing, Den­nis Ol­son knows how im­por­tant mar­ket­ing is to help a com­pany grow and thrive. Af­ter pur­chas­ing his 2012 Ram Mega Cab 3500, he had a 12-inch lift and 40-inch tires in­stalled, then wrapped the truck to dis­play in the Di­a­mond Eye booth at the 2012 SEMA show in Las Ve­gas. While the truck looked good, it didn’t draw the at­ten­tion he was look­ing for.

Ol­son wanted a true jaw-drop­per for the 2013 SEMA show, so he handed the truck over to Street To Sand (S2S) in Reno, Ne­vada, for a com­plete trans­for­ma­tion. He wanted the truck to stand out among the sea of head-turn­ing ve­hi­cles at SEMA, and be­ing fa­mil­iar with S2S’S out­stand­ing work, he left the de­sign and con­struc­tion of the truck com­pletely up to them.

S2S spent nearly a year on the truck, and Ol­son was blown away by the re­sults. The re­newed truck was ex­actly what he was look­ing for—an amaz­ing show ve­hi­cle that could also tour the coun­try pro­mot­ing the Di­a­mond Eye Per­for­mance brand at shows and events. From ev­ery an­gle, there’s some­thing on this truck at which to mar­vel—be it the cus­tom paint­work, painted sus­pen­sion com­po­nents, cus­tom in­te­rior, dressed-up Cum­mins or the lit­tle de­tails like S2S lo­gos (no fewer than 28) in­te­grated through­out.

Di­a­mond Eye Man­u­fac­tur­ing is an en­vi­ron­men­tally re­spon­si­ble man­u­fac­turer of high-per­for­mance af­ter­mar­ket ex­haust sys­tems and com­po­nents, all of which are emis­sions le­gal, so the team was de­ter­mined to keep all of the emis­sions equip­ment on the truck. In or­der to im­prove the per­for­mance of the big 6.7-liter Cum­mins, they started by in­stalling an S&B Fil­ters cold-air in­take. In­stalling an Air­dog 200 sys­tem high on the frame near the 60-gal­lon Ti­tan fuel tank im­proved fuel de­liv­ery and fil­tra­tion. Tun­ing was en­hanced with an Edge Evo­lu­tion pro­gram­mer and pa­ram­e­ters are mon­i­tored with an Edge CTS. A set of ARP head studs keeps the cylin­der pres­sure from lift­ing the head, and ex­haust gasses exit the en­gine through the fac­tory DPF sys­tem, which was coated black to blend into the chas­sis. A black 5-inch Dpf-back Di­a­mond Eye Per­for­mance ex­haust sys­tem ter­mi­nates be­hind the rear axle with a down­ward-fir­ing 6-inch tip.

The com­bi­na­tion of added power, 4.56 gears and large 38-inch tires would have strained the fac­tory trans­mis­sion, so S2S in­stalled an ATS Stage 4 68RFE trans­mis­sion with a triple-disc ATS torque con­verter. Power is trans­ferred to the rear dif­fer­en­tial through a cus­tom one-piece drive­shaft, while a length­ened front drive­shaft is used to drive the front wheels when 4WD is needed.

One of Ol­son’s in­ten­tions for the truck was to take it out on tour to pro­mote Di­a­mond Eye’s line of prod­ucts. In or­der to make the truck more streetable, S2S re­placed the orig­i­nal 12-inch sus­pen­sion lift with an 8-inch BDS long-arm sys­tem that they mod­i­fied to pro­vide 10 inches of lift. Up front, the BDS sus­pen­sion sys­tem uses huge coil springs and dual Fox Rac­ing shocks, with long-travel Fox shocks out back. Dual Fox Rac­ing steer­ing sta­bi­liz­ers help keep the big truck pointed in the right di­rec­tion. Most of the sus­pen­sion com­po­nents were painted bright white to match the body, though the rear BDS leaf springs are painted al­ter­nat­ing black and white.

The Ram rides on a set of 38x13.50 R24LT Nitto Trail Grap­pler M/T tires wrapped around BMF M-80 24x10.5-inch wheels. To make the wheels stand out even more, the flutes were painted white while the lip was treated to ghostly air­brush work with skulls and the S2S logo. Both front and rear dif­fer­en­tial cov­ers were re­placed. S2S used a heavy-duty fab­ri­cated steel cover up front and a cus­tom ma­chined alu­minum cover in the rear, both painted white to match the rest of the paint scheme. In the spot where the fac­tory spare tire used to re­side, S2S in­stalled a set of train horns from Kleinn Au­to­mo­tive Air Horns. The horns, com­pres­sor and air tank are mounted to a white-painted plate with the S2S logo ma­chined into it.

Fusion bumpers adorn the front and rear of the truck along with a host of Rigid In­dus­tries LED light­ing, which in­cludes a pair of Du-

ally back-up LEDS in the rear bumper. The front bumper is home to a pair of Q-se­ries square driv­ing lights in the cor­ners with 10-inch E-SE­ries and 10-inch Sr-se­ries light bars in the cen­ter. An ad­di­tional pair of Dually driv­ing lights is molded into the head­light assem­blies along with an HID pro­jec­tor to light the way. Still more light comes from a 50-inch Rigid E-se­ries light bar in­stalled above the wind­shield, mounted with cus­tom S2S mount­ing brack­ets. Smoked LED lights from Re­con re­place the tail­lights and third brake light.

For dec­o­ra­tion, S2S handed the truck off to the paint ex­perts at Elite Cus­toms in Sparks, Ne­vada. Elite ap­plied a beau­ti­ful two-tone metal­lic black and bright white paint job, ac­cented with a sec­tion of skull graph­ics high­lighted by a bright blue ac­cent stripe. The fac­tory hood was tossed aside in fa­vor of a fiber­glass hood with an Srt-style scoop. To fin­ish off the front of the truck, they in­stalled a BMF grille in­sert and painted the grille shell. Of course, the door han­dles, mir­rors and door­jambs were also painted to com­plete the look.

Nat­u­rally, the in­te­rior of the Mega Cab Dodge was not ne­glected. S2S started by re-cov- er­ing the seats with black leather fea­tur­ing per­fo­rated cen­ters with an em­broi­dered S2S logo and video mon­i­tors in the backs of the head­rests. Black suede re­places the fac­tory head­liner, with a 15-inch fold-down LCD mon­i­tor mounted just be­hind the fac­tory sun­roof. A cus­tom switch panel in the cen­ter con­sole con­trols the air horn

and aux­il­iary light­ing. To com­plete the in­te­rior, they smoothed and sanded the in­te­rior plas­tic com­po­nents and painted them ei­ther black or white to match the ex­te­rior.

The au­dio sys­tem un­der­went a ma­jor trans­for­ma­tion, with the fac­tory head unit feed­ing au­dio sig­nals to a JL Au­dio sig­nal pro­ces­sor, which passes them off to a pair of JL Au­dio Hd-se­ries amplifiers mounted be­tween the sub­woofers be­hind the rear seat. An HD 1200/1 sub amp drives two JL Au­dio 12W3 subs, while an HD 600/4 pow­ers JL Au­dio C5-650 com­po­nent speak­ers mounted in cus­tom painted pods in each door. A cus­tom grille fea­tur­ing the S2S logo pro­tects the elec­tron­ics and subs.

The Di­a­mond Eye Per­for­mance Ram may look like a trailer queen, but it’s built for the road. Com­pany rep­re­sen­ta­tive Tyler Sch­nei­der has put more than 100,000 miles on the truck as he tours the coun­try and at­tends events to help deal­ers and cus­tomers learn more about Di­a­mond Eye Per­for­mance prod­ucts. S2S’S fan­tas­tic work has held up just fine to life on the road—so well, in fact, that all it took was a thor­ough de­tail job to ready the truck for the 2014 SEMA show, where it once again stood tall amongst the crop of show ve­hi­cles.

The Ram will be used as the an­chor for the Di­a­mond Eye Per­for­mance dis­play booth at events dur­ing the sum­mer of 2018, so stop by and check it out in per­son—and be sure to let Tyler know you read about it here in Ul­ti­mate Diesel Builder’s Guide magazine. UDBG

The front sus­pen­sion fea­tures painted BDS Sus­pen­sion com­po­nents and Fox Rac­ing Shox.

An Ex­tang soft ton­neau cover keeps mar­ket­ing swag and prod­uct dis­plays pro­tected from the el­e­ments while the truck trav­els from event to event. The Re­con smoked LED tail­lights and third brake light flow well with the cus­tom graph­ics and theme of the...

The cus­tom paint job is car­ried into the door­jambs as well. Check out the JL Au­dio C5-650 speak­ers in­te­grated into the lower door panel.

The team at Street To Sand re­worked the head­light hous­ings to in­te­grate HID pro­jec­tor head­lights and a Rigid Dually LED driv­ing light. They painted the hous­ings and in­te­grated the ma­chined black S2S logo be­fore re­assem­bly.

The big Ram truck looks good from any an­gle. The rear Fusion bumper fea­tures in­te­grated Rigid LED Dually backup light­ing.

Dual Fox Rac­ing Shox and mas­sive BDS coil springs are used at the front cor­ners of the Ram.

The 24x10.5-inch BMF M-80 wheels were given a cus­tom touch, with white ac­cents and ghostly air­brush art­work on the wide rim lip.

A set of Kleinn air horns, along with the com­pres­sor and tank, is in­stalled where the fac­tory spare used to live. Check out the cus­tom Street To Sand dif­fer­en­tial cover as well as the black and white painted BDS leaf springs.

The truck was built to be driven all across the coun­try, so S2S re­placed the fac­tory fuel tank with this 60-gal­lon Ti­tan tank. Note the Air­dog 200 fuel pump and fil­ter sys­tem as well as the black-coated fac­tory DPF ex­haust sys­tem.

Lift­ing the hood re­veals an emis­sions-le­gal 6.7L Cum­mins aug­mented with an S&B Fil­ters cold-air in­take sys­tem and dressed up with cus­tom paint on the en­gine and valve cov­ers.

All of the truck’s plas­tic in­te­rior parts were treated to a coat­ing of metal­lic black or bright white paint to match the ex­te­rior. The seats were re­uphol­stered in black leather with per­fo­rated in­serts em­broi­dered with the S2S logo.

The mas­sive Mega Cab looks well­pro­por­tioned thanks in large part to flaw­less paint­work from Elite Cus­toms. The Fusion front bumper houses a host of Rigid LED lights, with a 50-inch light bar mounted above the wind­shield.

To help make long road trips more en­ter­tain­ing for the rear seat pas­sen­gers, the truck has a pair of video mon­i­tors in­te­grated into the head­rests and a 15-inch dis­play that folds down from the black suede head­liner.

A cus­tom switch panel con­trols the Rigid In­dus­tries LED lights and Kleinn air horns.

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