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Sim­ple se­cu­rity with a con­ve­nient key!

Sad to say, but when you have nice stuff, there are bad guys out there that want to take your stuff from you. Thieves are ter­ri­ble, and we hope that you never have a per­sonal en­counter with their ilk, but we are also re­al­is­tic enough to know that it does hap­pen and it could hap­pen to any one of us on any given day (or night). One of the sim­plest forms of theft pro­tec­tion is a pad­lock. Be­lieve it or not, pad­locks have been used to pro­tect valu­ables for thou­sands of years. Many spe­cialty locks have been de­vel­oped for spe­cific ap­pli­ca­tions like re­ceiver and cou­pler locks. But it is hard to use a lock if you can't find the key, and if you don't use the lock a thief could make off with your goods.

For­tu­nately, the team at Bolt Lock has de­vel­oped locks that work with your ve­hi­cle’s ig­ni­tion key rather than a stand-alone key. They of­fer sev­eral lock­ing prod­ucts that ac­cept keys from pop­u­lar cars and trucks in­clud­ing Dodge/jeep/ram, Ford, GM, Nis­san and Toy­ota. The locks are sold un­keyed and with­out keys—the owner “keys” the lock to his/her ig­ni­tion key by in­sert­ing it into the lock and turn­ing it clock­wise un­til it stops, per­ma­nently cod­ing that lock to the ve­hi­cle’s ig­ni­tion key.

The pro­ce­dure of key­ing the locks is in­cred­i­bly sim­ple and easy to do. While we were vis­it­ing RLC Mo­tor­sports to do the work truck up­grade on Jeremy Wat­son’s 2016 Chevro­let 3500 HD else­where in this is­sue, Josh Meadows coded seven locks to Wat­son’s truck key in about 2-3 min­utes, and it would have been faster if we weren’t slow­ing him down with our cam­era. Fol­low along to see how the cool Bolt Lock prod­ucts work, and look for them at a lo­cal re­tailer to help se­cure your stuff. In ad­di­tion to build­ing great se­cu­rity prod­ucts, Bolt Lock stands be­hind them with a Lim­ited Life­time War­ranty to give you peace of mind that the locks will be able to pro­tect your stuff for as long as you own your ve­hi­cle. UDBG

Here is a great se­lec­tion of Bolt Locks for a con­trac­tor like Jeremy Wat­son, who will use them to se­cure tools and equip­ment to the trailer with the ca­ble locks, pro­tect his trailer while it is off the truck, se­cure the cou­pler and re­ceiver and have tra­di­tional pad­locks for the shop and garage.

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